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  • Opening a new book to follow RattleSnake Fire - My life is exquisitely difficult to talk about.  It’s woven with extreme themes – sexual abuse, mind control, aliens, mysticism – and with accomplishments that make me shy, and failures that embarrass me, and critical facts that embarrass other people. And none of the themes, for simplification, can be hidden or glossed over, because each […]
  • Friday Foundation: Aliens in the Closet - I’ve been downplaying the alien aspect of my experiences for the last few years, I just realized.  (I only added “alien” to the tagline up top last night.) Years ago, though, aliens were easier (for me) to discuss than the CIA or church involvement in sexual torture, so I tended to hide those angles then.  But I […]
  • Friday Foundations: MK – JUST like humans treat their animals - One of the biggest lies we’ve been told is that life – at least all the life we need be concerned with – stops at Earth’s atmosphere. Not only does life not stop there, but neither does politics, war, commerce, science, or any other aspect of culture stop at Earth’s atmosphere. Rather, we’re part of a […]
  • Shamanism, Mind Control, Christ, “Aliens,” and Me - [This no longer reflects my views on shamanism and Yeshua.  For an update, see this blog.] What is shamanism?  How do I relate to shamanism?  Is shamanism dangerous?  How does it relate to mind control?  Am I a shaman?  Am I dangerous?  Where does Jesus fit in?  Who are “aliens”? First, What is shamanism? Shamanism exists […]
  • “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeline L’Engel - Who remembers this book?   I read it to my children decades ago but only recalled that it was about a family of scientists and precocious kids and something about time travel.  And I remembered liking it very much. Well, my partner and I just finished listening to it, and I was blown away! This […]
  • More Excellent Videos - The videos in my last blog were those I’ve “liked” at some point (recently “weeded out” for those most pertinent to the subjects here). I also have 35 videos specifically chosen to be on my website, which I’d also like to share with you. If you want to sit back with popcorn some evening, like […]
  • Re-Considering Archons - I’ve been wrestling with ideas for a few days now, standing as far back as I can for the cosmic big picture, trying to see things in as exact opposite a manner as I can imagine, then turning things sideways and looking again, approaching repeatedly from different angles.  Getting outside my mystical head in a rational […]
  • Video about the Big Picture - I just ran across a video I saw a few months ago and felt was an important contribution to understanding what’s going on in our world, with all the environmental and economic and social justice catastrophes, including mind control. It’s called “Our Masters – the Archons,” and details the Gnostic texts that describe these inorganic beings […]
  • Overcoming Challenges to Telling the Whole Truth - I envy people whose stories are simpler than mine, perhaps involving just one sort of alien – especially a helpful sort who conveys spiritual wisdom and encouragement.  That would be very nice. I’m fortunate to have also had those sorts of positive “alien” experiences, and to also have had profound spiritual experiences since early childhood.  […]
  • Everything in Its Time - A common truism is that sometimes we need to step away from a problem, sometimes for a long period of time, before we can return to it and perceive it correctly. For years, I have been keenly aware of my “problem” of interpreting my “anomalous” life experiences, and was very open to information and ideas, […]
  • Gist of an Alien Message - The core message of an experience and message 18 months ago: (An explanation for this re-re-posting is below.  Since I am as cynical of “messages” as anyone, I am very open to critical feedback and discussion.) The gist of the message I received was this: Humans are a flawed design, but don’t feel bad about it, because so […]
  • 7 1/2 years since my hermitage - It’s been 7 1/2 years since I left my 7-year hermitage on the western slope of the Chiricahua Mountains in southeastern Arizona and moved to the town of Silver City, New Mexico, to recreate my life. I’d been experiencing bizarre, confusing, and sublime events for years, some seeming like alien and UFO contact, some that […]
  • Interpreting the “Orange Alien” Experience - Hey Everyone, Again, I think this might be my final post, in which I’ll sum up the meaning of my “Orange Alien” experience and place it in the context of my cosmology and spirituality. I am now certain that the event was a mind control operation, either for testing my programming, updating the programming, installing […]
  • Response to the “Orange Alien” message - Dear Caroline and Blue, Thank you both for writing!  Both of you personify different aspects of my own personal response. While there were obviously clear “red flags,” as Caroline called them, I just don’t react emotionally or quickly anymore.  Life has been busy and good, so I didn’t let this message change anything other than […]
  • An Alien Transmission? - A Shocking Message June 27, 2012 – written July 17, 2012 – minimally edited and posted Background:  This continues to be a wonderful year, probably the most wonderful of my life.  Greg and I have eaten the most delicious, nutritious food of either of our lives, home-made together with joy.  We have gardened, enjoyed the […]
  • My Big Picture - We – everyone in the human race – are being manipulated by “aliens,” but this is not news. Our alien connection is not only ancient, it is intrinsic to whom we are:  created beings, managed, DNA-manipulated, civilized, experimented on, mind controlled, and more, much as we treat other animals. The primary question about our manipulations by these […]

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