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We – everyone in the human race – are being manipulated by “aliens,” but this is not news.

Our alien connection is not only ancient, it is intrinsic to whom we are:  created beings, managed, DNA-manipulated, civilized, experimented on, mind controlled, and more, much as we treat other animals.

The primary question about our manipulations by these “aliens,” manipulations which are too many to describe in this short essay, is:  Are our creators benevolent?  (Or not?)

Religious history, with its commands to murder and torture, leads me to conclude:  often not.  (Some would say never, but I won’t go there:  It’s fatalistic and, as Rob Brezny has said, boring.”)

If the answer, then, is “Sometimes they’re on our side, and sometimes they’re not,” it behooves us to develop skills to intuitively read another being’s energy or motives.  (We probably once had that skill and have lost it, but that’s another essay.)

Another important corollary is the aliens’ relationship with our governments.  Since historical texts of all the world’s cultures and religions describe tight relationships between beings from the stars and human rulers, we should consider this is likely still the case.

To check it out, we can look at our own government and realize it has been officially denying for decades what every other culture on the planet has taken for granted since the beginning of history, which even a majority of Americans (the population with the lowest level of extra-terrestrial awareness in the world) knows is true: our government lies.

We all learn eventually that denial and ridicule are often signs of deceptive communications.  And our government’s lies are so obvious, it should be embarrassing, but we all just play along and don’t challenge them.

The common argument that they’ve been keeping it from us for our own good (so we won’t get hysterical) or because they’re embarrassed that they don’t have control and can’t protect us is highly ironic.  Our culture’s main religious text tells us in the last book:  The “first” [world nations?] shall be last.   [To know?]

How do government spokes folks and everyone else keep a straight face about all the lies?

Mind control?

Most people, in national government or on your own street, have been well-trained to be polite, avoid talking about politics and religion, obey their conditioning, and pretend that they don’t see that our rulers lie about pretty much everything.

When we accept the command not to speak, it’s unbearable unless we choose not to think about it either; and if we choose not to think about it, we generally tend not to perceive it.  In our silence, we blind ourselves.

Governments throughout history have reported similar patterns of alien-human interaction, while our government proclaims no pattern exists; but it displays all the signs of lying.  Conclusion:  our government is lying about aliens, and maybe also abductions.

It’s safe to say that aliens are either in bed with our government, working with our government cooperatively, working with our government coercively, or are the government – the shadow government perhaps.  And perhaps all those relationships are true with different aliens.

And if other cultural and religious histories are true, we can’t even use the word alien honestly, except to indicate that they are strange because we don’t know them – but we don’t know ourselves!  We don’t even know where we came from (at least Americans don’t).  With our long history of having our genetics blended with aliens’, I’m not sure we can say that we aren’t all half alien ourselves.

So, the distinction between alien abductions and government abductions may be no distinction at all, except in our immature understanding of our world.

Next essay:  Is government complicity with aliens something to fear?  It sometimes feels that way.  But it may not be necessarily.  Stay tuned.

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