New more complete book in progress!

Hi All,

I’m preparing to write a new memoir – more complete! (Brief outline below)

As you might know, I’ve been documenting my life for decades – though I burned everything at Y2K (because I thought I was whining too much) – so I now have 20 years of more carefully documented (less whiney) journals. From these I began, in 2015, extracting details I thought important to this documentation of my mind control.

In case I don’t get to finish publishing my conclusions, I’d like the world to have access to the data. So I’m preparing the database now for public consumption (as soon as I remove certain details that might hurt innocent people or expose me to lawsuits).

Meantime, for an interview host, I extracted and condensed the most salient items from the database and organized them into eras of my life, which I post below – with a promise to fill in the first few sections soon. (I skipped those because those eras had already been covered in previous interviews by the host, and I don’t want to delay posting this, just in case I get disabled again and don’t get back to this for while.)

Here it is, a brief look at the life of a mind control subject:


Childhood in Merced – 1952-1961

Pre-teen/Teens – 1961-1970

College/Sorority – 1970-1971

1st marriage – 1971-1981
Wannabe Jesus hippy, mother, minister’s wife, children’s home parent, peace activist, wannabe back-to-lander

Single years – 1981-1983
Atheist, student Bachelor of Arts in Media, scholarships, single mother, award-winning journalist

2nd marriage – 1983-1993
PR firm (largest in state), neighborhood activist, PTA President, community relations consultant for non-profit/activist organizations, radical activist, arrested for civil disobedience, jailed, business recognitions, public speaking, member of boards, spiritual events, writing award, writer’s scholarship, offered $3-4M business, international publications, son with cancer, insurance company bankruptcy, divorce

Single year – 1993-1994
Move, with teens, realize I was sexually abused and amnesic, targeting, social sabotage, nervous breakdown, year one Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, return to spirituality, son dramatically healed, children on their own

Desert Hermit – 1994-1995
Realize I’m multiple personality, build strawbale hemitage, second year MFA, continued nervous breakdown/spiritual crisis, other-dimensional perceptions/shamanic initiation, Teacher’s Assistant, writing recognition, excellent referrals and professional sabotage

Mainstream – 1995-1999
Rekindled love from high school, move to Colorado, healing time, physical injuries, award-winning real estate agent, offered 6-figure salary, turned down

Desert Hermitage – 1999-2006
Strawbale home improvements, many shamanic perceptions, conference organizer, UFO sightings begin, Isis invitation, Judi Bari v FBI media relations, first electronic attacks, realized MK subject, terrified/suspicious, radical activist partner, artist, shamanic practice, Repitlians and Reptoids, first implant witnessed (in heart, by doctor), social sabotage, home sale sabotage

Gypsy Intentions – April-June 2006
UFO conference in Hawaii, swimming with dolphins, healing, drawn to MK dentist, drawn to MK town, ended gypsy plans

Small town – 2006-2011
Psy Op/professional sabotage, certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, altered states with five men, suspicious people at house, decade head/spine problems, Oil and Water Conference recognitions, write Rattlesnake Fire, other-dimensional beings/experiences, psy op re Owl’s Club, computer remote control, beams bruise and more, highway altered state, mysterious cuts and bruises, spontaneous healings, Taserings, house entered, alter reintegrations, injection bruises, implants, removals, and activations, performance psy op, broken/dislocated fingers, biopsy scoops, excessive sleep and lethargy, taunting: I’m “in” already/“resistance is futile,” psychic attachments

Small town with partner – 2011 – 2015
Weird invitation, basket with evil spirit, social sabotage, email/other threats/warnings, dreams of remote viewing and astral travel, phone anomalies, cat de/rematerialized, disturbing altered states, boyfriend giving instructions in my sleep, spiritual attacks, sexual control, shamanic healing, dreams of transportation hubs and people in cages, test subject for electronic communication, successful defense against spiritual attacks, strange drivers license in wallet, lots of amnesia, spontaneous healings, dental implant attempt, Permaculture business psy op, friend’s eyes all black x2, donut bruises, heart attack confirmed, electronic waking, lots missing time, discover alters, movies played in head, one UFO, eBay business sabotaged, injection bruises 2/week, Thanksgiving MK

Single again, small town – 2015-2016
demons, raped in night, attacks at UFO conferences, ECT, spontaneous healings, third-degree burn, electronic depression, someone in house at night, Dad’s CASU, weird phone events, cat notices weird sounds, all weirdness increases, move sabotage

Nomad 2016 – present
Sabotage and break-in of camper home, water, truck, rig;
Stalking by people, helicopters, drones, street theater; remote control of computer, phone, truck; implants/teeth, nose, ears, spine; iris vision, movies/head; remote control dog, Don’t Fuck with Cats trigger, altered states, immobilized, physical disability 10 dys/mo; Satanists/spell casters, demons, Satan, odd kill; social sabotage, MK’d to steal, urgency to be somewhere; amnesic events w broken finger, toe and burn; witness to possible child trafficking; delivery problems; microwave hit while driving on Interstate, mw to heart; Morgellon’s Disease,
sinus psy op, two holes in skin on spine, spinal surgery?, spontaneous healings, Yoohoo threat, camper damage mystery, physical disability, courier use?, msg: slaves for market.


Thank you for caring about this crazy secret in our nation. You’re important to our future.

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  1. Mike

    Hi, i am reading your blog for the first time, i am amazed of what you went through, and i see you have much of knowledge with this often dismissed subject. People believe that someone can have certain influence to others, but mind control ooh no, thats scifi:) I hope i can get in contact with you, i would like to share and ask few things regarding this subject.


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