Scoop marks

DSC01402“Scoop marks” seem to be the result of medical biopsies – only they’re reported by people with “alien contact” who describe them as oddly painless and bloodless.

I woke to find these two on my right hand on the morning of February 8, 2011.  These were also painless and bloodless, though they itched a bit.

I was more curious than alarmed, I suppose because I’ve had so many weird things happen to me in the night, some of them causing significant pain.

It is highly doubtful I did this damage myself and just didn’t notice, as I am highly sensitive and can’t even stand slight irregularities in the smoothness of my fingernails!  Besides, for as deep as these were, there was no pain — like something “alien.”

The same morning, I also realized I had discomfort alongside my clitoral shaft – about one inch high inside – where I had no idea anything could go!  It felt as if someone had pushed some tool up inside me, and I wondered what would be the purpose of an implant up there?  Research?  Control?

More scoops.  A few days after I posted this, I woke with pain above my anus and discovered, through much maneuvering of mirror and lights, that I had three scoop marks placed where I didn’t want to photograph and post!

And recently, I’ve found more, smaller scoops on my left shoulder, but none of those are as good as the one above.  I’ll write about them soon on a page all about my left shoulder, which has been the site of a great deal of activity.

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