Revocation of Vows

Recently I’ve revisited this idea of “revoking soul contracts,” which used to turn me off when I tried to adopt revocations written by others.  

But the concept hit me anew last week, and I suddenly found myself writing this from my heart (though I’ve removed sections for the sake of privacy and to encourage you to write what is meaningful to you):

I declare to all Beings in the Cosmos:

I revoke all vows I’ve ever made to secret societies, the first being those made to the Mormon Church by myself (as a 9-year old child being baptized) as well as those made by anyone else on my behalf.  As a mind-controlled subject, and amnesic to certain things that went on in that church (some of which have terrifying physical memory-reactons), I revoke any and all vows spoken – under persuasion, duress, control, and otherwise.

I also revoke my vows to [a particular sorority] …

I revoke all vows made on my behalf by the Masons…

I revoke the vow repeated throughout my life to this corrupt government in the “Pledge of Allegiance.”  ….

Since the Eisenhower lineage has secret society ties, I revoke all allegiance to the Eisenhower lineage ….

I revoke my marriage vows.

And I revoke any vows made on behalf of my children and/or grandchildren and claim for them sovereignty over their own souls.

If there have been any other vows I’ve ever made or been coerced to make, in this life or past (or future) lives, or made by others on my behalf, I revoke them all as having been made without true knowledge and free consent, and assert myself as a child of the loving God and no other, subservient to no one else.

I ban all parasitic people, spirits, aliens, their agents, or any other parasitic beings from access to my body, mind, or soul, and call on my loving Creator, teacher the Christ, and their angels to protect me from further harm, so that I might continue to live my life according to my own free mind’s and soul’s intentions and thereby accomplish my work on this plane under the Guidance of my Creator and Christ.

Finally, I remember and assert that I am a powerful being on my own….

So be it.

Sworn by all things holy,

Jean Ann Eisenhower

As this revocation was writing itself, I found myself filled with a confidence I haven’t known in a long time.

While some say that a single pronouncement can be enough, others say, No, some of us must reassert this daily for our protection, especially if we’re deeply hooked into the parasitic system.

It has only been a couple of days, but something has given me great clarity and peace, and I believe this is a major part of it.

I hope it sets an example for you in your quest for freedom.