4 thoughts on “Video: Former Head of FBI Speaks Out

  1. Vincent

    Hi Jeanie,

    My name is Vincent. I have experienced ritual abuse as a child. Working through memories shamanically I encountered some issues and blockages and also some heightened awarenesses of the fact that was or had gone through these experiences so that I would be able to expose these things and assist others.
    As I increased my conscious awareness I discovered some things going on regarding grids and frequencies being used to keep people suppressed. Anyways during this time I encountered some extreme energetic disturbances and ended up being targeted as a satellite mind control subject. I saw you had posted an article about this some time back. It has been going on for 11 years approximately and I keep looking for help or at least someone to talk to that will help me find a way to stop these atrocities
    It’s like mk ultra but with the torture going on every day 24 / 7. I’ve had my heart and mind tampered with inhumanely and have had a suicide attempt with voices including some past presidents being broadcast into my mind. It has got so extreme they are able to read my thoughts and see images in my minds eye. And project voices as well as use forms of dark arts to attempt to keep me in fear.
    I keep attempting to access my higher soul and seek a viewpoint from the perspective of how can I help to stop these things.
    I’m just wondering if you have any resources for help and or any ideas of finding ways to expose these things going on from a self empowering perspective.
    There is so much more I’ve experienced as far as being taken into underworld and seeing the agendas of those that are committing these atrocities.
    I don’t know if you are available to communicate to as I keep hitting a wall and finding ways to try and come up with solutions.
    If you have any suggestions please let me know if you wouldn’t mind.
    I’m so sorry you have had to endure all that you have gone through. I hear your pleas for help and also admire that you have the courage to speak up in your blogs. I’m hoping to assist in finding ways to help myself so I can help others and help Mother Earth and to awaken the collective to the truths of what is transpiring on Earth with all the lies and deception created by the negative agendas.

    Peace and blessings to you!


    I found your website by googling Healing from mind control through Shamanism a couple of years ago. I be been afraid to reach out to people because of the torture I experience but it’s got so bad now I either have to start trying to do something positive or I’m not sure how much more I can handle.

    1. Jean Eisenhower

      Hi Vincent, I’m so sorry to discover that I missed your comment almost 2 years ago!! At the time I was coping with semi-homelessness, not quite, but close. If you want to write again, please do. My email is jean7eisenhower@gmail.com if you want to write directly. Wishing you strength as you persevere.

  2. carolina@wellspringcreations.com

    Thank you.

    Btw Ted Gunderson was poisoned a few years a go.

    Have a look at Brice Taylor aka Susan Ford and her book

    “Thank you for the Memories”

    The book is found as an audio in 2 parts on youtube.

    I also found it as a PDF online. Her book was written in the

    early 90s and so much of what she exposes has come true.

    My life has been very difficult since we last wrote.

    Moved twice in 3 months. Lots of challenges.

    Hope you are doing ok.

    Bless, Carolina

    1. Jean Eisenhower

      HI Carolina, I’m sorry to realize I missed your comment almost 2 years ago! I, too, was dealing with a tenuous housing situation. Also sorry to hear about Ted Gunderson. (I can’t keep up with all this.) I think I have the video “Thanks for the memories,” and I’ll remember it next time I sit to watch videos. I hope your life has become less difficult. Please do write and let me know. Warmly, Jean


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