Criminal Mind Control


Mind Control can mean:

1)  A personally directed, positively empowering practice in which people learn to more consciously control their own minds.

2) A seductive manipulation of others’ thoughts, involving images and words delivered subliminally to masses of people in a hypnotic state, such as while watching television.

3) A criminal enterprise using “ritual abuse” on government research subjects (one category of “targeted individuals“) or other subjects to control their minds by fracturing them into “multiple personalities” and programming those “alternate personalities,” called “alters.”

The fracturing is done with torture – especially sexual torture – drugs, electroshock, psychological trauma, and more.   As each new personality emerges, it is programmed to obey specific commands.

MV5BMTQ2NTQ1Mzc2NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDE2NjAxMDE@._V1_SX214_AL_Individuals and organizations have been practicing various sorts of mind control, from mild and invisible to the grotesque, for possibly thousands of years, as in folklore tales of zombies and more recent movies like The Manchurian Candidate, Stepford Wives and Eyes Wide Shut, and the 19th century Criminal Case of Palle Hardrup/Hardwick, documented in compelling detail by local police, court record, and testimony of many eye-witnesses.  (I summarize it at the link.  It’s my number one highest-viewed post.))

Even the most ancient stories from the Bible and Sumerian tables tell of God/the gods “confusing” people’s language to sabotage their understanding of each other (tale of the Tower of Babel), and genetically engineering short life spans (after the Flood) so that human intelligence wouldn’t have time to develop and be passed on to the next generation.   Even the Gregorian calendar has been called a powerful form of mind control, separating humanity from the intelligence in Nature, as I’ve written about here.  Many other examples could be brought, the main point being that human history is filled with accounts of powerful beings and deities working to control our minds in various ways.

The “gods” in earlier ages (now called “aliens”) are commonly said to always be directly connected to government and religion.  The kings’ and popes’ authority has always come from “the gods,” but we’ve been taught as a culture to be split-minded (mind control): the separation of church and state sounded like a good thing, to save us from fanatics, but it has driven a wedge into our thinking, so that logic and spiritual intuition can never be whole.  Mind control.

churchElements within governments and churches are reputed to have been practicing broad-scale, technological MK, for decades, as in advertising.  Some would say that mind control has been with humanity forever, as the gods are said to have terrorized certain groups of people into silence and certain behaviors.  Mind control.

If this sounds too arcane, read on for what will sound more familiar:

The Nazis conducted a vast range of experiments during the Holocaust, and many of those scientists were brought to the United States under Operation Paperclip in the years after the war and continued their work on CIA payroll.

Us_senate_sealIn the 1970s, the Director of the CIA, Adm. Stansfield Turner, testified twice before Congress that the CIA had been conducting mind control experiments on thousands of unwitting citizens and foreigners, adults and children since the late 1940s – correlating perfectly with survivor testimony.

MK Ultra is the common generic name for mind control, but it was originally the name of one sub-program.  Subjects were drawn from military recruits, vets, college students, criminals, church members, and all their children, along with children in Indian Schools, orphanages – and random others.

Cannot vouch for the diagram below, but it seems to approximate the research I’ve come across and match my gut feelings – but actually, I didn’t have the ability to read much of it, probably triggered by it.  Double-click to enlarge.


Cannot vouch for the diagram below, but it seems to approximate the research I’ve come across and match my gut feelings – but actually, I didn’t have the ability to read much of it, probably triggered by it. Double-click to enlarge.

People’s programming has been discovered in recent decades to be created in a highly methodical manner, with a foundation of amnesia and commands to forget specific activities under threat of torture; programming to obey certain people and certain command cues; specific programming for highly specific tasks; alternate command codes in case anything fails, etc.

Subjects who’ve regained enough of their memories have testified they were trained, even as children, to become super-soldiers, super-spies, amnesic couriers, and/or sex slaves for purposes of entertainment and blackmail.

18mqxydmchb61jpgChildren were programmed intensely for approximately two intense years, usually between the ages of six and eight.


20,000 children are estimated to have been used in these programs by the 70s, and many more are suspected to have been created since then.  The CIA was ordered to stop the program, but researchers believe the agency moved it into a Special Access Program (SAP) funded by the famous Black Budget.

80,000 pages of documentation have been recovered through the Freedom of Information Act, confirming in detail the testimony of tortured subjects across the nation whose repressed memories have begun to return as amnesic barriers break down with age.

cia doctorsThe CIA and its SAPs collaborate with a network of medical and psychiatric doctors, churches, law enforcement, organized crime, and more.

Recipients of CIA research dollars have included major names in psychology and psychiatry, including Dr. Ewen Cameron, President at one time of both the prestigious national and world associations of psychiatry.

Wikipedia confirms some of this, but US Government documents tell far more.


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