Leaving a Secret Society Safely

Controllers can most easily control their young adult subjects inside fraternities and sororities.

I wanted to run from them, but a raft of forces pushed me in directions I’d never go myself.

Getting out safely required more skills than I had as a 19 year old.

Recorded in April 2020. Just listened again, and was mesmerized. And it’s my own story!

It’s rather long, and has slow spots, but they’re followed by insights and new directions.

15 thoughts on “Leaving a Secret Society Safely

  1. brainishacked

    Oh, one last comment, I realize from your post you are very busy so please don’t feel I’m bugging you or pushing you for a response. After finding out what I have it’s like going from being clueless my entire life to all of a sudden finding the holy grail, so to speak, well, sort of.

  2. brainishacked

    As soon as you answer me here if you did not receive my email, I’ll post it all here ok? I really need your help/opinion. Thanks. No one else knows my story and I believe I could write a book if I only knew how. This is true documented story that made headlines in all major newspapers from 1908 to 1910. I’m serious.

  3. brainishacked

    Hi, until I know your email is how it is at the bottom of your reply, about the blood from my nose, I meant I had a feeling someone must have been in my home and maybe did this while I was asleep, that’s why I mentioned you wrote about door locks..it brought back that time..about 2 years ago.

  4. brainishacked

    Hi, I’ve left many messages on your sites the last 2 years but have never seen them posted on your sites, it always says it is being reviewed , I don’t think you are getting them, it’s the perps.

    1. Jean Eisenhower Post author

      Hi Brainishacked,
      I’m sorry. I just found four comments and approved them all. As you might know (or might not), I’ve been living in an RV for the past almost-five years, which has been lovely in many ways – except not having a desk. Not having an ergonomic place to work – and a familiar posture and place – seems to require extra mental power which I have not had. Recently my father died and left me enough money to buy a small home, so now I’m moving in. Of course, I hope I won’t be harassed terribly here, as I have been in past homes. (Being on the road was easier in that way. It seems my constant moving, not announcing where I’d be going next, made it just enough more difficult that I had less harassment, treatment, whatever they do on the road.) But now I’m overwhelmed with a house that has lots of defereed maintenance, so I’m working long hours every day, working with local handimen I don’t know, and some of them seem intent on messing things up, so I’ve had to learn new skills, like how to fire someone in the middle of a job. I’ll read your other posts now and respond. And I welcome you to write me at jean7eisenhower@gmail.com.

  5. brainishacked

    You wrote about door locks and one was broken a while back. I had a dream some kind of surgery was happening to my nose, then woke up and there was dried blood from my nostrils running down my face and chin. A Mason generational curse from 1910 is still on me and remaining members of family. They don’t realize it , I just discovered all about it 7 weeks ago.

    1. Jean Eisenhower Post author

      Wow. I’d bet you had an implant or other surgery. Did you see my video about my nasal implant?
      I’m fascinated how you found out about a generational curse. Would you tell me how you did that? What research led to the information? I know my grandfather was a 33rd degree Mason, but only learned that less than 10 years ago when my father felt compelled to tell me on the phone out of the blue one day. “He just said, You know, my father was a 33rd degree Mason – but I never was.” And I think he meant he never was a Mason. He didn’t say it casually. He acted pissed off and defiant when he said “I never was.” As I look back on his life and some of the things he got most irate about, it seems he was being socially ostracized, as if under some social curse. Did I inherit that curse, as his eldest living child? Maybe.

  6. brainishacked

    I just read your post Gov’t controlled communication, same thing going on with me. They can change words in newspaper articles from any era. I am MK ULTRA/Masons, had proof but newspaper articles were deleted from computer and went back to the online ( Genealogy.com) articles and they are worded differently now.


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