Insect egg sack in my ear?

What do you think? Is this an egg sack of some sort inside my highly inflamed ear canal?

it’s not wax, which is yellow and drippy (see below). This is white with apparent spherical shapes inside a gauzy cluster with gauzy strands apparently attaching it to the side wall.

Here’s another photo with wax (deep yellow, on right) for comparison:

I’ve been watching the condition of my ear canals for about 18 months, beginning in Spring 2019, when I received my first digital otoscope, which I ordered after the “microwave hit” (or other mysterious attack) on the highway that caused me immediate (thankfully temporary) dramatic changes to my mental state and my vision for perhaps five-ten seconds while driving, risking my ability to stay on the road. (The next morning, I found blood in my ear canals.)

When the right-sized otoscope finally arrived months later, I was surprised to see my ear drums were apparently busted, and I have amazing technology inside! (Many posts were made here and on YouTube in the spring of 2019 and the previous November-December 2018 after the highway mysterious “hit” event.)

Never in 18 months of looking inside my ears have I seen anything like the apparent egg sack. And my ears have never looked so red or felt so inflamed. (Never mind the crazy technology that’s still there!)

Perhaps the more odd aspect is that I saw this appparent egg sack two days ago and had a very weird reaction: nothing!

Yes, I saw it, I thought it looked like an egg sack, and I thought it might even be related to the odd phenomenon a year ago in September in which I went to the Emergency Room for weird experiences that seemed to indicate I had parasites in my sinuses (and I’ve continued to sense odd pressure now and then) – and at the Emergency Room, I was treated rudely and got nothing helpful, only a “delusional” diagnosis on my record. So it makes sense that I responded passively. And maybe mind control played a role in that too.

So, what will I do now? Go see a doctor? [Deleted obscenity] No.

Last night, two days after seeing the apparent egg sack, I thought I was falling asleep, but thankfully I suddenly heard some Helping prompt, sat up, and realized: I need to deal with this, and now! After all, insect eggs might hatch very quickly!

Silly me, my first impulse was to call my insurance company and ask where I could go in the morning – and got the information I asked for.

However, when I paused to imagine the hard work I’d undertake in the morning to break camp and drive my rig into town – and the likelihood I’d be treated disrespectfully as doctors have in recent years (as I publish my evidence) – I decided to avoid that.

First I tried to use a tiny tool attached to my otoscope to hopefully reach in and drag it out myself. But it was too short to reach that far without pain and with a blocked view of what I was doing. So I quit that effort.

I wondered again whether emergency rooms would have tools better than mine, a doctor with the skill to use it – and the integrity to want to help and not hurt me – and decided the chance was slim, not worth my effort.

Next I tried Q-tips – but as much as they warn us not to push them in so far that we’ll hurt our eardrum – I could not push them in far enough to even affect the shape of the sack, much less remove it.

Finally, I used an eyedropper to squirt hydrogen peroxide into my ear. I figured it might also quell the infection making my ear canal so red – something I’ve never had in my life that I’m aware of. Mainly I hoped it might kill anything that hatched from those apparent eggs.

The egg sack then seemed slightly changed in shape, some of it dragged away from the rest, and I felt I’d done all I was able to do that night.

This morning, I post these photos and this account for the purpose I always post: to share my experiences, my actions, my concerns, my doubts, my efforts in real time.

God forbid anything comes of this. Perhaps this sort of thing is not that uncommon, and our bodies’ immune systems simply deal with it.

In the event this does evolve into something of concern, I hope to remain able to deal with it.

Anyone know a trustworthy doctor, let me know. [Doctors now uniformly treat me with hostility. Even Naturopaths (I saw five last year!) seem afraid to help, and one actually said, “This stuff scares me (referring to my Morgellons). I’m referring you to….” and she wrote me a referral to someone out of state – then walked me to the front door and wished me well.]

I think we’re on our own here. So I’m intending to manage my own health for the rest of my life.

I’ll also accept advice on dealing with this.

Cluster of spheres (insect eggs?) inside a gauzy cluster, attached to the wall with gauzy strands – in my ear canal today.

2 thoughts on “Insect egg sack in my ear?

  1. OkSchitzo

    Have weird picking sounds in my ear at night. Usually take oil or salt water init. Today I took vinegar in it there is def. something alive in there causing trouble. I’ve had nerve spasms in my cheek, not any more tho. Hopefully most of the bugs are dead. They seem tough tho. Fumes from the vinegar seem to do something. Slows down the picking.

  2. brainishacked

    Hi Jean, 72 y/o TI here, had the same ear problems you had, even the loud pop. I have had what feels like parasites crawling inside for a week or so then after the frequency tones they must be flushed out thru a gastro episode. This year I suffered from a cerebrospinal fluid leak done remotely. It is a clear fluid that leaks from the blood brain barrier thru the sinus and ears. It finally stopped and is starting to heal after I did research about it, the best info came from Fritz Springmeier. It mimics Schizophrenia until the trauma heals. I’ve had lots a trouble with my ears driving me mad. Hope your issue is better. Take care!


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