Jean’s Spiritual History

looking downJean Eisenhower is the great-granddaughter of a Presbyterian minister, the granddaughter of a 33rd degree Mason (just learned this past year), and daughter of an agnostic father and “jack-Mormon” (“fallen-away” Mormon) mother.

The former President Dwight David Eisenhower was her grandfather’s second cousin.  Ike and Mamie frequently visited Jean’s teenage hometown, Scottsdale, Arizona, but they never communicated with Jean’s family, as far as she was told.

What follows is a chronology of her spiritual and religious life.  Words in bold will help readers skim.


jan20113-300x226As a child, Jean was aware of angels and portals which took her away – very welcome – to other dimensions at night.  She could not create the portals herself, but had to wait until they “took” her, sometimes with many years in between.

Like many children, she spoke to plants and animals, but also participated in healing prayers with them.  At age 9, when Jean first became aware of poverty and injustice, she was consumed with both compassion and the shock that there was so much in the world that had been hidden from her.

In her teen years, she began a lifelong practice of dream recall and dream interpretation, as well as self-hypnosis.

At age 19, intending to study all the world’s religions, she learned that Jesus had preached for justice and compassion, and against violence, racism, sexism, and materialism.  In that moment, she felt “I know Jesus in my bones” and her search for the “right religion” was over.

wild bird on my finger - in a weavers' shop, Jalalabad, Afghanistan

A wild sparrow in a weaver’s shop perches on her finger. 1974, Jalabad, Afghanistan.

Married to a “Jesus hippie,” she received a certificate in Bible Studies from Grand Canyon College.  Her husband, ordained a Southern Baptist minister, was called to pastor for a growing community west of Phoenix near the nuclear power plant under construction, causing conflict for Jean as she’d had her eyes opened to the environmental dangers of nuclear power through “radical Christian” magazines.

Although she’d never thought about having children, she was convinced to leave that in God’s hands, and quickly had two children.  (And lost her faith and returned to birth control.)

When they moved so that her husband could attend seminary, she was energized to discover and attend radical Christian churches working for peace, justice, environmental responsibility, women’s rights, gay rights, and more.  Her pastors were a husband-wife couple.

Later, at an ecumenical intentional community called New Jerusalem, she attended her first marches against nuclear power and organized the region’s first peace conference, Third World craft Christmas gift purchases, a children’s clothing exchange, and teacher’s peace workshops.

The family experienced numerous miraculous events which saved their lives and others’.  One involved a runaway truck on a highway during an ice storm which was given a perfect route to safety by virtue of their car being stopped at the perfect, and otherwise illogical, place on the highway.  Another was her responding to a psychic call to find her son when he was about to choke on a marble in a hidden place in an unused room in a 4,000 square-foot house, and she neatly knocked the marble from his throat before he even began to panic.

At age 28, she had the misfortune of finding herself ostracized for unpopular ideas at a fundamentalist Christian Church which had hired her husband.  After years of discussing divorce, she and her husband did it.  In the process, however, he told her “all the members of the congregation” were siding with him to get full custody of their children – because if she believed in divorce, then she wasn’t a good Christian and didn’t deserve to bring up the children.  Having been physically and emotionally abused for ten years, believing his words, and having been isolated in a marriage with no local friends to testify for her, she gave up custody of her children and soon declared herself an atheist.

Six months later, she felt herself come out of a trance that she seemed to have been in for many years, and began the hard work of regaining custody of her children.  She would accomplish this almost three years later, despite having no money and the extremely difficult odds in suing across state lines; she had excellent witnesses to her mothering this time.  Spirit continued moving in her life, and she began to call herself an agnostic.

In her early thirties, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona, with a split minor in Religion and Philosophy.  As a first-year journalist, she also won a United Press International First Place Award for radio feature reporting in the Arizona-Utah region for a story on a private religious grade school, in which she contrasted children’s rights to freedom of thought with parents’ rights to guide their children’s ideas.

Miracles continued to happen in her life, some dramatic, including healings that happened spontaneously in the forest – after she had aligned with Earth First! and begun fighting for the preservation of a sacred mountain of the San Carlos Apaches.

Once, she hugged a tree and felt a powerful course of clear energy fall through her crown and down through her feet and into the Earth, after which she immediately felt as though she’d had a radio tuned to static on inside her all her life – but it was so constant she’d never been able to perceive it – and suddenly the static had been turned off.  She decided she was a pantheist, but didn’t think about the radio metaphor, that maybe it hadn’t just been turned off, but switched on to a clearer channel, and she should listen!

For some reason, she felt too shy to tell anyone about her spiritual experiences, and didn’t want to be considered “spacey” like some, or speak publicly about her experiences, or even pray in any manner that involved words.

When her teenage son was diagnosed with cancer and all signs pointed to his death, she began to pray for the first time in over a decade.  His behavior switched from life-threatening games of “chicken” in front of trains (between chemotherapy sessions) to reflective and self-preserving, and he was soon pronounced in remission and has been cancer-free for over twenty years.

rock creek houseIn 1994, at age 42, as soon as her children were on their own, she built a small off-the-grid home in the desert of Cochise County, Arizona, intending to be a hermit for the remainder of her life.

After a love interest took her away from 1995-1999, she returned and was soon experiencing everyday communications with birds, other animals, clouds, stars, and other elements, and eventually accepted her initiation into shamanic practice.

When powerful healings began to flow through her, she was extremely conflicted about the responsibility, even afraid, so much that she chose to tell no one about it, certainly never offering healing work, though she did work successfully with healing energies when they spontaneously moved through.

She also connected with many past lives, among them ancient people who’d lived on her land and in the mountains across the valley.  She also received communications with a few friends and acquaintances at the moment of their unexpected and tragic deaths, when virtually no one, including her, knew they’d died.

Her acceptance of responsibility to use these skills to help others has been extremely slow, though she eventually took heart in Christ’s saying, “You shall do all these things [healings] and more,” which she took to mean that humans – perhaps all of us – are capable of, and should pursue, developing the skills of a shaman, which are essentially to open one’s awareness to be able to live in the multi-dimensional world and discover how to fully use one’s powers.  Still, she wanted to do nothing public.

panther-caveShe also needed to reconcile her heart-felt connection to Christ with shamanic practice – which seemed, in her culture-bound mind, contradictory.  Then she found the Jewish Avodah Zarah referring to “Yeshua ben Panther,” similar to the New Testament’s name for Jesus, the “Lion of Judah,” both of which she thought seemed to indicate a shamanic lion-panther lineage.  

In 2002, Jean realized that her lifelong problems with memory, amnesia, and submission to abusive relationships were caused by her having been a childhood mind control subject.

About this time she also discovered that her birth date, 7-7-52 (three 7s), had some amazing coincidences also with the Full Moon – and learned that mind controllers are often aligned with Satanists who choose their victims by signs like these.  (In later years, spiritual counselors have suggested that her soul may have chosen this date and time for powerful positive purposes, but at the time, she succumbed to fear.)

ayahuasca_visions_pabloamaringo“Alien” experiences began to happen regularly as well, complicating her struggle to discover a simple theology and practice.  Considering the assertions from various quarters that “aliens” are all seeking to help us or, from others, seeking to destroy us, she eventually decided they were both partly correct.  Her years of solitary desert life convinced her we live with a vast variety of other intelligences in our cosmos, from demonic to angelic, and the simple term “aliens” is wholly insufficient to describe them.

In 2002, Jean had felt the benefit of living for years without clock or calendar and felt strongly the need for society to extricate itself from the mindset of the industrial work week.  (Unbeknownst to her, Jose Arguelles would that year publish Time and the Technospherewhich makes a strong argument that the Gregorian calendar is a fundamental aspect of our entire planet’s mind control.)   She self-published a moon-week Almanac-Datebook-Journal for Southern Arizona for 2003 which guided users to connect with the cycles of nature through gardening, food gathering, tracking the stars, remembering our own history, and more.  It was well-praised and sold out that year, and another larger printing sold out the next.


“Ariel the Goddess of Bird” springtsoi

In 2005, she left her hermitage to return to “society,” but first moved to the Cochise Stronghold (having felt a powerful past-life connection to Cochise’s tribe), and there participated in numerous sweat lodges and had more experiences of leaving this dimension.

When her house sold, she had funds for a few years to do many things she’d never been able to do.  Just before moving, she took herself to Hawaii to attend a conference on “aliens and spirituality,” where she felt many people approached the subject with uncritical naiveté.  Afterward, she stayed and swam with dolphins for two weeks, resulting in more mystical experiences, one with the archangel Ariel, and more healings for herself and others.

In her new home in Silver City, NM, she immediately found a spiritual circle, and accepted training in a new healing modality akin to Reiki, but chose not to practice it, uncomfortable with both set rituals and the role of healer.  Nevertheless, she followed advice for dealing with New Mexico’s laws regarding faith healing practices and became an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church, online .

The next year, Jean was certified as a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist™, a field of practice which respects and integrates the spiritual with the psychological and physical.  While she did almost no marketing, her colleagues referred her to clients who gave powerful testimonials and asserted their new-found self-sufficiency for their ongoing healing and growth.  Still shy about it all, she allowed her new business to quietly close, though individuals still contact her now and then.

For a few years she attended week-long “conscious conferences” in Santa Fe, including one on shamanism.  There she met Hawaiian shaman Hank Wesselman (who told her to keep her last name Eisenhower, which she had considered changing), and was surprised to witness ¾ of a crowd of hundreds of shamanic practitioners quietly attest that Jesus was a major Teacher and Helper for them.

At an “Oil and Water” conference of Indigenous and mainstream academics, in 2007, she was picked out of the crowd of hundreds and given personal encouragement from two Native medicine people.  One told her about a traditional Native story, which had for years conveyed a message to her that had worried her greatly; the man told her the story she’d missed and added a different, supremely encouraging ending which she needed to hear.  A medicine woman later told her repeatedly that she would “see amazing things.”  She also re-met psychologist and shamanic practitioner Ralph Metzner who encouraged her to write a book about her “alien” experiences.

cropped-hptrailme11 In 2008, she traveled for two weeks to various sacred sites in Peru, where she experienced more healing events, and also spoke with Native people about “aliens” in their histories, specifically who built their “impossible” stone structures.

rf-2nd-ed-front-cover-20In 2008, Jean self-published RattleSnake Fire: a memoir of extra-dimensional experience about her mind control, shamanic and “alien” experiences, and her work to self-heal.  The Foreword was written by Ralph Metzner who had encouraged her the previous year to write it.  The book was well praised (“a tour de force…important historical document”) and resulted in national and local radio, television and personal appearances.

She continued to war with her desire to be of spiritual service versus her critical judgement of others who claim to serve but appear to do little good and sometimes much harm.  Aware of her own judgements against others, she feared subjecting herself to the same.  Besides, she felt she still had to contend with occasional mind control and other “demons.”

Struggling with the terror of mysterious scars left on her body during the night, she was more than once made to act totally contrary to her conscious intentions and her best interests while fully awake.  Grieved at this, she fought suicidal urges and used her shamanic practice and relationship with Yeshua to strengthen her spirit and continue healing from the mind control and the multiple personality disorder upon which it is based.  She created a website,,  to document her experiences and connect with others experiencing the same.

In 2013, still looking for other useful things to offer the world (anything but overtly spiritual service!), Jean renewed her 1989 certification as a Permaculture [ecological] designer, and began consulting on home and garden design, which she believes can result in spiritually uplifting and healing environments for people, as her own garden has been healing and grounding for her.  She also conducted a series of 30 community radio shows entitled Back to the Garden, a service she hoped would inspire people to create beautiful and ecological healing gardens for themselves.

Unknown-2In February 2014, Jean was moved by Martin Luther King‘s powerful civil rights activism, based of course in religious faith.  She saw the parallels between his work for Black Americans and what she wants to accomplish for mind control subjects, so she waited for guidance on what to do next.

Next, Jean’s partner read to her the introduction to Black Elk Speaks, in which Black Elk describes his early spiritual experiences, how he kept them a secret, and how demons wouldn’t leave him alone.  He became isolated, and his community thought him angry and strange.  Eventually, seeking help, he told his experiences to the elders, and they recognized his situation:  the “demons” would continue to hound him until he accepted his calling.

Jean saw the similarity to her recent life and finally accepted that she would answer the calling she’d first heard during her hermit years in the desert a decade earlier.

On the Full Moon in May 2014, she was awakened in the night to type for hours, drafting this account of her spiritual life and the outline of her intended activism – and continued editing and polishing almost non-stop for a week.  (She also registered the not-for-profit Garden Healing Church in the Universal Life Church registry.)

As she developed this website, she experienced tremendous peace and energy, realizing that in bringing this important part of herself “out of the closet,” she was healing at least one more part of her multiple-ness.  Since mind control is based on fracturing the personality, she realized that keeping any part of herself intentionally hidden only reinforced her state.  She felt herself “come together” as she wrote to publicly reclaim this part of her.

As Christ said, “The truth shall set you free.”

(Jean’s life of activism, business consulting, art, performing, and more can be found at

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