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  • Video Interviews -

    I recently began doing interviews again.

    On The Cosmic Switchboard, James Bartley and I overview my life in 2 hours. On RevolutionRadio/AquarianRadio, I have two interviews with Janet Lessin, another mind control subject, and her husband Dr. Sasha Lessin, a psychotherapist.

  • Context for my “You hoo” story - Before you jump to the conclusion that I’m simply paranoid, having read my earlier post, please check out my super-succinct list here – of some of the stuff I’ve documented over these years – physical injuries, electronic weirdness, and the “Satanic” stuff that I generally don’t name, so I don’t know why I did this […]
  • Morgellon’s, Fungus, and Cancer - Research has led me to one site that links Morgellon’s to, not only strange, colorful fibers, but also a fungus-like growth called “biofilm,” with plastic properties, which covers the skin.  It is extremely strong, does not look like skin, and I cannot remove it. One writer called it part of a “cyborgian” evolution the Controllers […]
  • Photos of fungus in Morgellon’s Disease - I’ve been documenting the weird protrusions from my skin for about a year now, and some of the items that people want to call hairs, just aren’t. Some appear to be fungus, others appear to be bacteria.  This one with knobby joints along its length has long fascinated me.  Some of the tips have a […]
  • Simple Cure! – for part of Morgellon’s - Last night I woke at 1 am and since I couldn’t sleep, I sat up and asked my Spirit Help what they might want me to hear, as They often wake me at night for things like that. Morgellon’s was a spiritual battle, they said – like everything else. Yes, I’m supposed to keep my […]
  • Isolation in Weirdness - Morgellon’s Disease can be painfully isolating – but I’m used to isolation. I’m a mind control subject, and the controllers have always planned for us to be isolated and discredited – in case we’d ever remember what had been done to us. Since I was a child, my mother has been telling my siblings not […]
  • One “hair” that isn’t a hair - No one wants to believe these things aren’t just hairs, so I’ve taken a few photos to show you their structure. This brown thing definitely moves when the microscope glides around, but sometimes it seems to move as if perceiving.  They all have a particular bend with a tiny knob at that bend. At the […]
  • Overview of Morgellon’s Challenge - First used digital microscope in May 2019 to investigate deep sores on scalp followed by deep scabs. Discovered this wound first: Later found more scalp ulcers, this one photographed in October, 2019: Also found ulcers on my face: And this on the bridge of my nose: Also, an ulcer in my vagina, with strange fibers […]
  • Maybe/not parasites/worms in sinuses - It sure seemed like I had a parasite, probably a worm of some sort, in my sinus, and not only that, but it seemed to be laying eggs! It’s possible, though, that I was mind controlled to believe this was the case.  At first it seemed as though someone would have had to mind control […]
  • New Development: Mysterious Fibers - Hi Friends, This last year has felt very productive. Not only did I sort a lot of possessions, but I also purchased a couple of USB otoscopes and began video documenting the weird technological anomalies in my ears, nose, and teeth, which I have to conclude are probably implants placed by rogue elements of our […]
  • Reevaluating my implants - Above left is a photo inside my right ear.  On the right is a photo of one of many “normal inner ear” images on the Internet that look very similar. The differences I see are these: First, it appears that the drum – the semi-clear membrane in front of everything including the silver piece – […]
  • All My Body’s Implants - Places where I KNOW there is an implant – because I’ve felt them activated or have seen and photographed them – and places where I SUSPECT an implant might be – described and documented below.  (Numbers 5, 9, 11, 13, and 17 might have been left off the list, as they have little evidence.  Numbers […]
  • You were Born into a Sci-fi Scenario - What do you do when you wake up and realize you were born into a science fiction scenario, and everyone has conspired to lie about it and tell you you’re not too be taken seriously, despite your science journals and other “documentation,” and they want you to just shut up about this stuff? You’d been […]
  • Implant in my Tooth? - I’ve had this thing since the late 1990s (received in Colorado Springs, incidentally).  Occasionally, a dental hygienist will pick at it with a note of confusion in her voice, then quickly shut up and dismiss whatever she’d said.  I always wondered why it caused confusion, but I never looked at it until yesterday – with […]
  • Ear Canal Implants Update - Hi Everyone, Sorry I’ve been unable (mind controlled?) to get on the Internet and do simple things like post.  But I’m back and I’m going to try to be more consistent. I’ve been doing better at my , ParadigmSalonVideo on YouTube, and have a lot of stunning information – like video inside my ears, showing […]
  • Time for Review - Those last ear canal implant photos really shook me, and made me want to put my whole crazy story into a nutshell.  Here it is. I seem to have been put on the TI list in 2002 when I was doing international media work for the historic, 6-week federal trial Judi Bari v the FBI.  […]
  • Ear Implants – More Discovered - I’m so upset by what I’ve discovered, I can hardly type.  I found another button-type implant in my left ear. And I when pushed the otoscope in deeper, I found more than I can make sense of.  At first, I thought the black button above and silver button below were one and the same, just […]
  • Ear Implants Serious Trouble - Hi Friends, I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. As you might surmise, I’ve been dealing with some challenges. The latest is my ears – which have never in my life given me problems, but they’re a mess now, and the doctor didn’t seem interested in offering me anything but Flonase (a common […]
  • Speaking out again - I used to wonder what was wrong with me. I called myself shy, then neurotic, and eventually, in my early 40s realized I’d been sexually abused as a child.  The next year, I realized I was also dissociative, fractured, amnesic, and had been for most of my life. Just before I turned 50 I realized […]
  • Summary of MK anomalies in 2016 - Of course, I could write a book on this year, but I don’t want to. Instead, here is an exceedingly brief outline of the types of things, resulting in programming, I’ve lived through this year – including electronic, pharmaceutical, physical (including rape), phone, drone, computer, social sabotage, surveillance, and more.  I extracted them from my year’s […]
  • The Last 8 Years - Anomalous weirdness seemed to be increasing, so last January I decided to comb through every journal of mine and record the anomalies since I published RattleSnake Fire, and then record all the anomalies in my book and before my book – the entire rest of my life, as much as I could remember.  I put them […]
  • Opening a new book to follow RattleSnake Fire - My life is exquisitely difficult to talk about.  It’s woven with extreme themes – sexual abuse, mind control, aliens, mysticism – and with accomplishments that make me shy, and failures that embarrass me, and critical facts that embarrass other people. And none of the themes, for simplification, can be hidden or glossed over, because each […]
  • A Disinformation Story from 2007 - Disinformation is finally being better understood and acknowledged throughout the culture, but few people understand its full extent. And understanding and reading reality correctly is an important survival skill for all of us. Therefore, I’d like to share what I’ve learned, as both third-party observer and victim.  I’ll chose an older story rather than a […]
  • A Petition to: BAN ELECTRONIC WARFARE ON CIVILIANS - First published at  (I keep thinking this is the last post on this site, but here’s one more.) This petition,, and all the people commenting on it – inspired me to comment too, and I ended up writing a short essay that presents my story briefly, so I’ll share it here with a few photos added: […]
  • Secretly forced brain implants Pt 1: Explosive court case - A two-part article with detailed info (6 years old, but….) about evidence that went to court! secretly-forced-brain-implants-pt-1-explosive-court-case#ixzz1eHdKChiT
  • It’s good to know who we are - Lonely, obedient, good girl, good student, shy, dancer, math and puzzle genius, occasional amnestic, community theater performer, raped, reluctant sorority girl, reluctant beauty queen, college run-away hitchhiker, Jesus hippie, minister’s wife, battered, mother, divorced, children conned away by ex, atheist, woken out of a trance, children returned, degreed in broadcast journalism, UPI award-winning radio reporter, […]
  • Captive Dolphins and Mind Control Subjects - Wrote last July 11, just discovered and edited it: June 2015, National Geographic published an article about the reintroduction of dolphins back to the wild after living major parts of their lives in captivity, above and near the surface of the water, eating dead fish from a bucket, on a schedule, and always relating to […]
  • Psychopaths or Just Bad “Gardeners”? - The usual interpretation of mind controllers is that they are psychopathic, predatory, sexual perverts, Satanic, demonic, or something else, in any case trying to rob people of their souls or at the very least rob them of their life energy to use them for the controllers’ own purposes. I’ve lived with variations on this theory […]
  • Healing/Deprogramming with the I Ching! - I could not have been more surprised. I’ve investigated every sort of information I thought would help me either make sense of the strange and sometimes horrifying (apparently trans-dimensional) experiences I’ve had – or help me stop them or appropriately deal with them.  I’ve read about religion and spiritual/demonic attack, mind control and criminal hypnosis, […]
  • Watching “Karla” - Impressed by the incredible actor Laura Prepon, of Orange is the New Black, I looked her up on Wikipedia and read: In 2005, Prepon starred in the film Karla, the true story of Paul Bernardo and his wife Karla Homolka, a couple who kidnapped, sexually abused and murdered three young girls – marking a contrast to […]
  • Two Short Videos – Please Share - Hi Everyone ~ I just re-watched these videos made last year and think it’s time now for more people to see them.  I hope you’ll watch at least the first two videos: Friends in town, I hope and pray, will stop by. Thanks for all you do in these important times. Jean PS And if […]
  • Sunday Summary: Highs and (Forgotten) Shocking Lows - – impression that all has been fine, but…. – journals report incredible list of weirdness – almost forgotten! – accomplishments of 2014 impressive, despite experiences Well, the life of a mind controlled multiple personality is not boring!  For one thing, all my alters want expression, and that keeps me busy.  And the multiple-ness keeps me […]
  • Government Complicity in Violence Against Activists - From the “Top 25 Stories of 2014 Subjected to Press Censorship” – with my story and  response  – JE 7. FBI Dismisses Murder Plot against Occupy as NSA Cracks Down on Dissent (For full story, click here) In October 2011, when the Occupy movement arrived in Houston, protesters were subject to local and federal surveillance, […]
  • Sunday Summary:  Two Positive Weird-ities! - What a pleasure to report nothing weird all week – except for two things positive! One non-normal happening was my sighting of a series of – apparently – energetic beings in a storm cloud!  Now, I’ve never seen this sort of thing before*, though I also would not automatically discount it.  Still, I was very […]
  • First Peek: My Next Memoir on Healing from Mind Control - In 1990, I sat in the center of communications for the radical activist group Tucson Earth First! and networked with many other non-profit organizations in town, including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, domestic violence organizations, homeless advocates, the parent-teacher association, and had been written up in the daily paper along with a couple […]
  • Twelve years flirting with “shamanic practice” - ~ Twelve years flirting ~ Amazing changes since I quit Twelve years of flirting with “shamanic practice.”  I wouldn’t recommend it. Opening doors to the other dimensions, or recognizing that they were opened somehow, as was my case, and then not acting decisively about it is dangerous.  I’ve documented how dangerous it is all over […]
  • Gov’t-Controlled Communications - Back in the late 90s, I read a memoir,  FBI Secrets:  An Agent’s Exposé, by retired agent, M. Wesley Swearingen, who after 26 years in the agency was involved in several successful lawsuits against the FBI related to wrongful imprisonment and civil rights violations.  (He was also involved in several successful lawsuits against his former employer, including […]
  • Learning through the Pain - I’m recovering, yet again, from another “hard day,” Monday, when I woke up at 10 am (I’d been unable to sleep until 3 am) and had to force myself to do anything, which turned out to be very little. Eight days earlier, on August 17, I’d discovered a strange injury on my left shoulder blade, […]
  • Two circle bruises appear - Twenty-six days ago, on July 21, I discovered a doughnut-shaped bruise on the back of my thigh. It was oddly painless, and I have no idea how I might have done that to myself. I found myself telling Greg it reminded me of an audio electrical plug, with one electrical pole, positive or negative, in […]
  • Shamanism, Mind Control, Christ, “Aliens,” and Me - [This no longer reflects my views on shamanism and Yeshua.  For an update, see this blog.] What is shamanism?  How do I relate to shamanism?  Is shamanism dangerous?  How does it relate to mind control?  Am I a shaman?  Am I dangerous?  Where does Jesus fit in?  Who are “aliens”? First, What is shamanism? Shamanism exists […]
  • Three Days in Darkness - Of course, we all know, or we’ve all heard, that spiritual progress on this human plane is never really “done,” and so I think it’s the same with healing, although certain aspects of healing may be accomplished, we always have more, and we’ll certainly experience more that must be healed. So I think I shouldn’t […]
  • Heart Problems – I assume from Electroshock and Tasering - Just went to the doctor yesterday for blood tests and EKG.  (I don’t follow their prescriptions, but I appreciate their tests.) My blood work was essentially normal, but my heart is not functioning properly.  I have “stage 1” something (I’ll take better notes when I talk again with her next) – the first chamber of […]
  • Wow! Feel and Heal! - Remember that old saying, “Gotta feel to heal”? I felt so much yesterday, I could barely see.  It hurt to walk.  I wanted to die. Today, I feel better and understand quite a few things. I had just extracted numbers from my journal of the last 6 months and was not surprised to see the […]
  • Hit again - Oh, God, I’ve been hit again.  In the last 6 months, I’ve felt terrible about two weeks of every month, and I felt really bad yesterday: my vision clouded, my joints in pain, my mood so depressed, all I could think was that I didn’t want to live anymore. Decided to review and collate my […]
  • The Struggle to Heal from Mind Control - Twelve years ago, while living rurally as a hermit in Cochise County, Arizona, I realized I was a mind control subject – and I mean in a manner more intense than the ubiquitous birth trauma-television-education-news-political propaganda type of generalized mind control; I mean the MKULTRA-type of trauma-based mind programming done to unwitting adults and children […]
  • Part II: Overview of a Life with Mind Control - I realize that by hitting the Publish button, I could bring on the controllers’ wrath, but I’ll do it anyway.  Truth feels more important today than my comfort. (Please read Part I first, as well as the two introductions that precede.) Mind control is finally becoming an accepted fact in America. It is a terribly […]
  • Overcoming Challenges to Telling the Whole Truth - I envy people whose stories are simpler than mine, perhaps involving just one sort of alien – especially a helpful sort who conveys spiritual wisdom and encouragement.  That would be very nice. I’m fortunate to have also had those sorts of positive “alien” experiences, and to also have had profound spiritual experiences since early childhood.  […]
  • 7 1/2 years since my hermitage - It’s been 7 1/2 years since I left my 7-year hermitage on the western slope of the Chiricahua Mountains in southeastern Arizona and moved to the town of Silver City, New Mexico, to recreate my life. I’d been experiencing bizarre, confusing, and sublime events for years, some seeming like alien and UFO contact, some that […]
  • Mayan elder advice for these days - Just watched a video featuring Mayan elders discussing the 2012 prophesies. Even though I enjoy acting as though I believe something dramatic will happen, maybe even on the 21st, I am also ready for positive change to be gradual and take work. After all, 2012 is the mid-point of a prophesied 40-year period of change. […]
  • An Alien Transmission? - A Shocking Message June 27, 2012 – written July 17, 2012 – minimally edited and posted Background:  This continues to be a wonderful year, probably the most wonderful of my life.  Greg and I have eaten the most delicious, nutritious food of either of our lives, home-made together with joy.  We have gardened, enjoyed the […]

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