Another highway crash test?

Last night on the highway, my truck was blown sideways by a utility truck that came alongside me and just ahead so that I could read it’s sign and then drifted back. Then it did it again perhaps 20 minutes later.

In October 2017, I experienced a different highway test, twice, before my trailer fishtailed and flipped me on the highway. That time, some other vehicle caused my truck and trailer to fishtail on flat land, something essentially impossible naturally, but they had done something to cause it to happen.

Now I am afraid to drive. The sign on the side of the truck was something like “service security project.” Or “service protection program.” It was a white utility vehicle and the sign was a simple one with red print on white, with no design other than the letters and perhaps a border.

I have often wished to exit this life if I have to be a targeted individual, subject to this ongoing terror campaign. But I do not want to die by a car crash. I don’t want to create an environmental mess and destroy all my possessions.

When I’ve thought of dying, I’ve thought of going to Oregon and signing up for their right to die system. But I have never wanted to die in a car crash. For the record.

And I am right now very afraid to drive this vehicle that I just purchased and just got outfitted with a new camper and I’m ready to get on the road for the first time. My joy is all gone, and I am afraid.

I tried to post a video to go with this but that effort failed.

2 thoughts on “Another highway crash test?

  1. Vincent Carbone

    Hi Jean,

    My name is Vincent,

    I was corresponding with you a while back then got kind of overwhelmed by my experiences. I’m not sure if you remember me. I was emailing you about my experiences of being exposed to satellite mind control issues as well as energy directed weapons at times. I also experience having implants although the energetic variety and none physically that I’m aware of. I had discussed with you that I had been misdiagnosed and was subjected to the mental health fiasco and medicated. I’ve since stop using the medications as it had no positive effect and the doctors just kept upping the dosage. I won’t go into all the details of what I experience unless you want to hear about them.

    Anyways I’m sorry you are experiencing all the things you describe in your blogs. I can relate to the thoughts of going to Oregon that you described yet somewhere in me I hold onto the hope that this miserable attempt by those responsible can be stopped and that we can overcome it. I just wanted to let you know I feel compassion for what you experience and pray it gets better for you.

    Have you followed any of Dr Rauni Kildes work at attempting to expose these atrocities? She has passed away but she wrote a book that validates much of what you have described experiencing. There has to be a way for our voices to be heard and for us to become empowered to stop all this that we experience.

    Many blessings to you,


    1. Jean Eisenhower

      Yes, Vincent, I remember you, and I’m really happy for you that you got free of the pharmaceuticals! I will write more in response, but for now I have some “little fires to put out.” I’ll write more soon.

      Oh, and for the record, I spent only one day steeped in as much fear as I’ve ever experienced. Thankfully, two TI friends stayed in touch with me all day and helped me calm down. I decided that either it was true (and there’s little I could do about it) or they weren’t going to kill me just then, just wanted to scare me, in which case, I should get on with life, and so I did.

      I’ll write again soon to update my much better mental situation. That little truck with more power than a semi to push me around on the highway was really upsetting. But I think sometimes they just want to scare us.


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