Chiropractic Psy Op

Ever go to bed at night feeling perfectly fine, then wake up with your spine maladjusted, your occiput crushed over your C-1, or a rib out?

I used to, when I lived in a small town where doctors ruled the mind control game.

For years I thought I was having an unusual string of back problems – strange because I’ve always been strong, agile, a dancer, involved in lots of daily physical exercise and have tried to practice good posture and proper bending and lifting – and have never had back problems.

I would have understood if these events had been associated with heavy lifting in the garden or something, but there was no relation. I went to bed fine, and woke up with serious problems.

After I woke with the rib out, it occurred to me that my controllers might intentionally do this to me, but I didn’t want to think much about it, and I didn’t.

Then, my last week in town, with my usual chiropractors on vacation or ill, I went to a doctor I’d never seen before. He and his staff treated me oddly, and I couldn’t figure out what it was.

Then the doctor began telling me a very long-winded story, and I felt myself tiring, and soon he was hypnotizing me! I came out of it when his hand touched my pubic bone, and I saw his face in shocked surprise that I was alert and reacting to his inappropriate touch.

I was more than disoriented. I was probably still mind controlled, though in a glitchy way because I could speak and react. He got panicky, and I justified going through with the appointment as a means of embarrassing no one, but that was just my “rational” cover for going along with the control while knowing it.

Later I reported him to the Attorney General’s office and was referred to the Board of Chiropractic, who responded to me that they’d done an internal investigation, dismissed my report, would not issue any findings, and there was no further opportunity for input. (So much for professional boards holding up any standards or even having an honest process.)

When I left that town, my back problems ended! Entirely.

This convinced me my “crazy theory” – I’d never spoken about to anyone, never written about, and not even acknowledged to myself clearly enough that I could act on the information – was true. Someone was intentionally doing this to me.

After four years, I finally wrote about it last month. Then, my controllers had to prove me wrong. So I woke up the first full day of a conference recently – something I rarely treat myself to now, and only when the opportunity feels very important to me – in terrible pain.

Earlier this year, I’d taken a few selfies in the forest. I show them for comparison to the photo taken of me at the conference – where I’m trying way too hard to smile.

My pain after I woke with my spine messed up is evident, and it’s a wonder that I made any good connections with anyone. In the final photo, days later, I’m coming back to myself, healing in the forest. But I wish I’d been able to be feeling my best when around those wonderful people.

It’s been three weeks now since the maladjustment was done, and I’ve had two bodywork sessions, and I’m barely functioning normally, and I still hurt.

…the life of a mind control subject.

“Human rights” is a lie. “Democracy” is a lie.

But maybe we have a chance anyway. I’m working on it. And I hope to share some with you soon.

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