Morgellon’s, Fungus, and Cancer

Research has led me to one site that links Morgellon’s to, not only strange, colorful fibers, but also a fungus-like growth called “biofilm,” with plastic properties, which covers the skin.  It is extremely strong, does not look like skin, and I cannot remove it.

One writer called it part of a “cyborgian” evolution the Controllers of the Planet are technologically enforcing on us, with some of their former subjects now being used as first test subjects for this.  Crazy, huh?

I was trying to remove the film with dermabrasives, enzymes, baking soda, and vinegar; nothing works.  It’s like I have plastic all over me.

Photo on 3-9-20 at 6.02 PM.jpg

Biofilm? – covers my face and seems to be beginning to “shine” all over me, reflecting light when photographing, as if my skin were plastic).

It doesn’t show to the naked eye, and seems to be a matrix for other things growing through it.

Fungus on the skin leads to cancer – according to another author – and some of cancer images I found online look like some of the thousands of weird things I’ve photographed on me, like these little red raspberries, which the site identified as a “fast-growing” cancer, and which I’ve photographed about six times on my scalp.  Hmmmm.  [A glitch in cyborg design to kill their product?]

Photo on 1-27-20 at 8.59 AM.jpg

I’ve spent lots of money on supplements and herbs and organized it all into a daily routine.  I’ve always kept sugar to a tiny fraction of the standard American diet, but – it’s weird – I’ve been craving it.  I recall I’d read long ago that microorganisms can actually convince our brains that we need something like sugar, and so I’ve been struggling with that – so yesterday I emptied most of the sugar out of the camper and gave it away.

I’m scrubbing (as much as I have energy for) and sunning (when the weather’s good and I’m feeling well), and praying (when I “can”), but I am not certain I’m getting better.

I can’t get help from the medical establishment because doctors don’t want to talk about this “controversial” disease.  Why?  Well, history says doctors have often been involved in top-secret experiments, and they certainly act like it now.

Each one who learns I have a digital microscope and can record my photos and watch my progress has seemed a little perturbed, as if now they know they can’t bullshit me in the usual way.  No one yet, MD or ND, has acted normal, except for the one who honestly said, “This stuff scares me.  I need to refer you out.”  So.

Yesterday the News announced that hospitals across the nation are now short-staffed and their space overwhelmed, and so all other medical care will be compromised – and for example they mentioned people with chronic diseases – like cancer.

Is this whole thing designed to execute Kissinger’s prophetic statement about our world needing a 95% die-off?

So they invented something to mostly kill the old and infirm.  Strategically, that would make sense and be a good start.  Better than war.  Plague.

I’m over sixty, so Kissinger would have me die.  No doctor will give me a blood test to begin any internal treatment.  So, I’m wondering if I’m supposed to go soon.

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 9.05.40 PM.pngI’m in the pristine, pure desert though!  Only have to spend a couple hours in town, one trip each week, to empty my tanks, shower, get water, buy groceries, maybe visit the library, then back to the desert to relax and watch the birds.

And scrub, prepare good food, take my medicines, rub stuff on me, enjoy camp mates from a distance, enjoy solitude, and wonder if I’m really supposed to try to heal this biofilm and fibers and spirochetes.

(So daunting!  They’re elated to syphilis! – shades of the syphilis experiment they did for a decade on the Black men of Tuskeegee – the experiment for which the government was shamed into finally admitting and paying settlements.  At it again, this time with activists.)

And keep on trying to heal myself as a mind control subject too?  Sheesh.

YeshivaOr (that was just one alter talking) heal myself through prayer?  Ask Jesus to heal me?  (I have been.)

Maybe this is when I’ll be pushed to such absolute lows that I’ll trigger some strength or knowing and transform myself into something new, spiritual, and healed – ?

Seems like a pretty big order for an old lady, which I’m really beginning to feel these days, grunting and huffing sometimes just to move around.

Feels like, if Kissinger wants 95% to die, I can’t think of much of a reason to say it shouldn’t be me.  Ya know?

But I’ll definitely ask that friends and family keep me out of the hospitals!  Away from doctors!  But let my friends with healing talents come sit with me, help me deal with pain.

The deadly part of this disease is the spirochetes.  (That’s why I’ve been so focused on getting a blood test.)  They invade the brain, nervous system, and heart.  I hope the heart is attacked first.

But if it’s my brain, we’ll have other issues, and I pray for everyone’s kindness, and again to be kept away from doctors or anyone who could be pretending to help but really be another targeter.

That’s why, for awhile, I was thinking the coronavirus might be a faster way to go.  But I’m not chasing it – and I no longer believe it’s actually a virus causing the problem. And I don’t believe I’ll live or die according to what I do; I believe my controllers will decide.

Further, I am not philosophically persuaded that I understand everything in this multi-dimensional world well enough to make that sort of radical decision, to die or not.  When my angels or family and friends over there make themselves known to me and call me over, then maybe.

Till then, I’ll sit in the beautiful desert or forest, greet the trees and flowers and birds each day, and move when the weather persuades me.

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5 thoughts on “Morgellon’s, Fungus, and Cancer

  1. Donna

    I am not sure if you are attempting to resolve all your issues without medication or if you’re disillusioned, as am I, with the medical establishment, or maybe both, but I have experienced nearly all your symptoms. I unknowingly lived in an extremely moldy environment for 7 years, and I began having increased asthma symptoms, sinus problems, skin issues, and parasites. I would go to the doctor only to be told I’m delusional and walk away with prescriptions for antibiotics and steroids which only made things worse after a few days of feeling a little better. I believed, and still do, that I might die if I didn’t find some help. Almost nothing you can find in research tells us that if you live in a moldy environment, sure you may have an allergy to mycotoxins, but if the mold exposure is extreme or has happened repeatedly over a lifetime, you get mold INSIDE you. After I discovered the mold, I knew that’s what my problem was, but I couldn’t find a doctor who would listen or acknowledge my concerns, let alone treat me in a meaningful, effective way. I even had a doctor put his hands on his hips and yell, “It is NOT a fungus!!” So I begin looking for serious over the counter anti fungal medications and quickly found nothing. I’d use creams and potions from retailers and eliminated sugar from my diet, but the exposure was so extreme! I was shiny all over. Skin taut and shiny and smooth. Doc says nothing wrong…all in your head. No. I know it’s real and it was eating me alive! I kept my nose to the grindstone researching fungi, molds, viruses, and parasites and discovered through this research (my staunch belief after researching for weeks in end): cancer is a fungus. It’s a fungus that has a change in pH level. Also…I think that parasites and their waste cause cancer. Many parasites are covered in fungi. I even think it’s possible that viruses are some kind of a fungus. Anyway….I was led to the story of Joe Tippens, an Oklahoma man who was dying of cancer until a friend of the family, who happened to be a veterinarian, suggested he might take fenbendazole (safeguard animal dewormer), to cure his cancer. He did and it worked! Well I was convinced that at the very least I was dealing with some kind of parasites since mold issues and parasites go hand in hand….so I decided to give it a try. I took it according to my weight, which is a bit different from the Tippens protocol, but I began feeling better after about a week. From time to time I get herxheimer (sp?) reactions when so much stuff in me is dying off that my body can’t keep up with it, but a quick lymph self massage gets rid of that pretty quickly. I have been taking fenbendazole for about a year and a half now 3-4 days per week. If I stop symptoms quickly return. I’m thinking like the Tippens protocol I’m going to have to stay on a maintenance dosage indefinitely, but I think it saved my life for sure. I’m not recommending anyone do the same as I have…. I’m merely sharing my experience for what it’s worth. It’s saved my life and my sanity…..even though most people think I’m totally crazy for taking animal medicine. Heck most of them did not even believe I was sick. But they don’t live I. My skin. Now…do I think that “some organization” may be infecting us intentionally with parasites and fungi? Yep. Without a doubt. And they train their health care professionals to ignore our complaints knowing there is a cure for our problems.

    I pray for relief for you.

    1. Jean Eisenhower Post author

      Thanks, Dona, for your story. It’s really important. I think you are on the right track, and I will probably be amending my protocol according to your advice. I’ll write more later when I have time. I’m not only dealing with this but with a fixer-upper house with a million things that need repair, so it’s tough.

  2. Nate

    Is that all because I stopped doing those things many years ago and still have many issues. please do try to email me when you can find the time. Thank you.

  3. Nate

    Have you made any breakthroughs with healing morgellons?.

    Yes! I owe my readers an update, but I’ve been spending my energy doing all the other things I am behind on!

    I slowly quit sugar. I still eat a little bit of honey, and fruit, but I quit all alcohol and all white sugar. The difference is amazing. No more biting sensations, no more lesions.


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