IMG_2555One morning, in the midst of heavy “alien” experiences, I looked in the mirror and saw a scar on my neck I’d never seen before:  very fine, perfectly straight, and healed white.  (My neck had far fewer wrinkles then.)

Immediately, I thought maybe I’d scratched my neck and not remembered, but dismissed the theory as the mark seemed too healed to have been recent and too distinctly a scar to have not been noticed.

This scar is now about ten years old, and I could kick myself for not photographing it then, but I didn’t, and for the next ten years I still didn’t photograph it, always thinking it had faded too much to bother.

However, a couple of years ago, when I first visited my current LNP and had given her my basic health history, she asked, “And when did you have your thyroid surgery?”

Surprised that she could see it, I told her it just showed up one morning.  She looked closely and said, “It looks just like my thyroid surgery scar.”

Finally, now, ten years later, I’ve done this way-late documentation.  You can double-click for the best view.