MK & TI Videos (up to Nov 2018)

Hi Friends and Followers,

portrait october 2018Just wanted to remind you all of the new videos I posted last month – on mind control and targeting I’ve personally experienced in the last decades.

I might not be posting again for awhile (life’s getting busy), so I hope you’ll take the time to watch these, either by clicking specific videos or using my playlists below.

Targeted Individual experience:
– Targeted Individual Social Sabotage:
– 7 Days of Targeting:
– MK/Targeting treatment different in different locations:
– Why Me?:
– Ironic Smiles (a poem about recognizing targeters/controllers/handlers:
– Hit out on me?
– Highway Crash Report:
A most disturbing discovery about TargetingOperation TIPS, Terrorism Liaison Officers, and Targeted Individuals

– Implant in my G-spot (yes):
– In my heart:
– Implant on my Scapula:
– Implant in my Ear:
and Name that technology: What’s in my ear?:

Mind Control Alters come out in public:
– Alter moves on program to steal, horrifying me:
– Martial arts alter comes out to help:
– Alter comes out to discredit:

Mind Control Subject on Kavanaugh, RF meter, new videos, fraternity rape, new implant, harassment:

Suspicious people in my life:
– Housesitter Sabotage of a Targeted Individual:
– 3 Doctors in my last small town:

Suspicious events:
– Woke with broken toe:
– Finding Someone’s Drivers license in my Purse:
– Victim of Psy Op:

My efforts to be a truth teller (1- and 2-minute clips from a longer ramble):
– Telling the Truth 1:
– Telling the Truth 2 – with amnestic alters:

My channel: (
My playlists: My Story from the Beginning,
Newest: My Story,
Mind Control Harassment,
Mind Control Healing,
MK & “Aliens”,
Targeted Individual,
multiple personality.

Thank you, Everyone.  I really appreciate your views and comments.

Peace and blessings on us all.


2 thoughts on “MK & TI Videos (up to Nov 2018)

  1. Alexander

    Hi Dr. Jean,. from moist Tucson. Just scanned through the highlights. Here comes all the healing any embodied boomeroid could ever stand.
    Emailed about 10years ago when you were making the podcast rounds. Trying to remember that Albert guy’s name and then OMG what is that gal up to here in the new paradigm?
    Past 5 months on the SIA zoom and phone lines. Took me that long to come out of shock. Walking warrior women and a few wimpy boys like myself. First cellphone and first laptop. The houseless in the alley behind Starbucks hung on my every word.
    Ok, enough. How much love can we stand. All the blessings and thanks for your gift to the world. Alexander. 520 323-4642 land line w generic and machine. God bless.

    1. Jean Eisenhower Post author

      Hi Alexander,
      Yes, I recall you from ten years ago. I still have your correspondence, some of which creeped me out and I decided not to engage with you again. I don’t have time to search out the old correspondence to remember why, but your letter here is okay, so I’ll reply, in compassion, and hope you aren’t messing with me. I’m being honest, because it’s the only way I know how to be, generally, unless my life is immediately threatened.
      Maybe it was Alfred Webre? The former Jimmy Carter appointee to the White House, who was run off by mysterious shit including a dead body in his yard? Because he wanted to tell more truth than the Pentagon wanted. Of course, he’s living in Canada now.
      SIA? I’m familiar with SRA….
      I’m super-busy with commitments right now (grateful to be able to function again!!), but have put your number on my next clear calendar day, and if the day’s still clear, I’ll give a call. Congrats (?!) on the cell phone and computer. Will these instruments be the death (or captivity) of us? I do remember you as being as cynical as me. But I’m weirdly hopeful too. Can’t explain it except as:
      We’re mind controlled people in a 3D paradigm, trying to talk about forces in multi-dimensions; of course, we fail at it. But it good we keeep trying.


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