World History of Mind Control



Mind Control in History” led a recent poll of my readers for subjects you’re most interested in.

By coincidence, I happened to touch on the subject in my journal this week when I was feeling particularly down:

My choices are:  amnesic slavery to criminal psychopaths who threaten me with more torture, or…?

I guess a lot of humans have lived with this choice.  In fact, I think it’s the history of the world.  (Does it make me feel better – that I’m not all alone in this?  Hardly, but I feel that my eyes have been opened.)

We pretend those millennia of slavery were in our barbaric past, but I’m realizing now they’re still very much with us – just taboo to be spoken of, as we all go about the ruse that we’re free in this nation.

The impoverished majority knows we are not free, but they dare not speak it for fear their few freedoms will be lost.  People of the “wrong” race, people of certain bloodlines (mind controlled), and people who’ve been randomly abused by the rulers know, but most of us usually keep quiet when things go mostly our way.

Because I’m not a historian (far from it!), this will not be a comprehensive treatment of the world history of mind control, but I promise, with readers’ help, to add to this page over time.  So I welcome – no, strongly encourage, plead for – your comments, reminders, and educated additions to my scattershot ramblings here.

“History is written by the conquerors,” we’ve all been told, and so I’ve always distrusted and disrespected it, and sure enough, Americans are beginning to understand now how much of our history has been a lie.  Still, of what we think we know, much of it supports my thesis.



The image above I chose because it defines history unapologetically as “The Game of Rising Empires and Falling Powers.”  (Thank you, poster artist, for being so honest.)  It’s all about consolidating planetary power and control – and I assert that it includes mind control and has for a very long time.

Let’s start as far back as we know, in Sumer.  Sumer appeared suddenly on Earth, seemingly out of nowhere, as if dropped from the sky, with a full-blown civilization including roads, plumbing, language, law, accounting, libraries, universities, armies, religions, etc. – when nowhere before had there been anything but stone age artifacts.  American academia tells us its appearance is a “mystery” yet to be solved, while they denounce a very logical explanation from the Sumerians themselves:

The ancient Sumerian library contains tens of thousands of clay tables impressed with history, accounting, genealogies, legal proceedings, and other records, particularly the story of how they were created by gods to be workers for them, mining the planet.  American academics tell us that’s a fable, even though it neatly explains their “unsolved mystery.”

Since scientific process requires we consider all the evidence, even if people in power tell us not to, let’s look!

Thousands of Sumerian clay tablets tell a very detailed story about the Anunnaki (“people who came from above”) created cities here to mine gold, but whose workers rebelled at the conditions, causing the gods to genetically engineer a more docile model, or so they hoped – resulting in the first Earth humans.

When the humans rebelled and continued to frustrate the gods in other ways, the gods decided to let them die in a flood they predicted.  When a few survived, the gods argued about whether to finish them off but eventually let those who’d survived continue to live – with one requirement: human lifespan would have to be shortened to 120 years, so that humans wouldn’t have time to learn enough about their own lives and pass it on to their children, thereby keeping the race dumbed down – mind control by genetic engineering.

Sure enough, today most people in their later years realize they haven’t really understood life well enough, especially with the lies we’re told in school, to live well until they are almost outa here!

Now, add to that our American culture’s idealization of youth and disregard of the aged, and we can see how elder wisdom has little chance of being passed on to succeeding generations, assuring that the rulers of culture, rather than parents or grandparents, will determine the mindsets of the people.  Mind control.

Of course, minions were needed for the rulers to accomplish all they have, so some humans were recruited into higher ranks, given perks, and so began class and racial distinction, secret societies, racial strife, and more.

I believe that a lot of the worst of “human behavior” is not human-caused.  I believe it’s caused by gods (small g, meaning one who comes from the heavens) manipulating humans over the eons, perverting and despoiling human potential for the gods’ own purposes, keeping us controllable, to work for them.  I know many who would call these gods demons instead.

I hope my interpretation of the gods is not confused with my or anyone’s concept of God (capital G), a loving Prime Source Creator, which I do choose to believe in.  The confusion between God and gods and demons is likely an intentional part of our cultural mind control – among many other words defined in a way to obscure truth – much like they do with the oversimplified word alien – which I’ll deal with in another post.

Dictionaries are always created by the rulers.  Heathen and pagan, for instance, the dictionaries tell us, mean someone Godless; yet those words literally mean “people of the heath” (meadow-dwellers) and “people of the forest” – but those derivations were perverted when the people living in nature, farther from the cities, were better able to resist the Catholic Church’s efforts to draw them in with threats of the terrors of The Inquisition – social control and language operating together.

Even today, words used for millennia to describe the changing of the seasons – Samhain, for instance, the “cross-quarter” day between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, that has become Halloween – and is still observed by many who now call themselves pagans – and all the other eight, except for Yule (Winter Solstice), are simply ignored, though you can find many other less-used cross-cultural words in the dictionary.  Language control to keep us separated from nature – and I suggest: our more-powerful natural selves with natural spirituality and natural instincts intact.

The Gregorian Calendar, I believe, is another form of mind control, ripping our attention from the natural cycles of the Earth.

Unknown-1(Excerpt from an earlier post🙂

Jose Arguelles published in 2002 a substantial book – Time and the Technosphere – calling the Gregorian calendar the most fundamental aspect of human mind control.  (A web search for the title will bring up many videos and articles by others resonating with this idea that the calendar is basic to our control.)

While some of the metaphysics of Arguelle’s book feels beyond me, I’ve certainly felt the subtle mind control that the Gregorian Calendar is.

images-1From the time we sit in kindergarten, reciting, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…, we understand we are part of a system which cycles 5-2-5-2-5-2-5-2…work 5 long days, play 2 short days, work long, play short, work long, play short.  And everything from that moment on which has anything to do with a calendar reminds us that we are part of a world of 5-2-5-2-5-2, work long, play short.

The natural world teaches us something nicer:  slower cycles of 14-14-14-14… and balance.

As I wrote in all my Almanacs:

Ancient people invented – or discerned – patterns that seemed to facilitate harmonious living, that encouraged an energetic cycling of activity and rest, like inhaling and exhaling, waking and sleeping, summer energy and winter hibernation….

Today’s lifestyle requires many people to work intently for five consecutive days, resting for only two, relying on caffeine and/or other drugs to keep themselves going.  Perhaps the equal cycles of waning and waxing moons might inspire us to create more balance in our lives.


There are many more types of social mind control, of course:  manipulative economics, false education (mixed with useful), indoctrinated racism, violence, threats of violence, genocide, malnutrition, toxic environments, political charades, and more.  All these diminish our thinking ability, our thinking processes, our moods, our initiative, etc – all those evils control our minds.

Along the way, someone discovered hypnosis and the propensity for certain traumatized people (of which there are many on this planet) to “dissociate,” become suggestible, amnesic and obedient.  In the 19th century in Europe, Anton Mesmer drew world attention for his dramatic stage shows attracting crowds of the well-to-do seeking healing by “magnetism.”

By the 1940s, European police, citizen eyewitnesses, and court officials extensively documented the plight of one victim of modern “criminal” mind control, practiced by one person, not by social function.  Palle Hardrup’s story I summarized in an earlier (and most searched-for) post.

Eventually, less brutal broad-scale mind control was directed through “news” and entertainment.  Then it was personalized with computers delivering to each person exactly what pacifies each.

So here we sit, in front of our computers, working, surely, and enjoying connection with friends and loved ones, but also accessing pleasure of an infinite variety, feeling a sense of participation, given creative expression, filling up our days with whatever we want, ready at our fingertips, keeping us too occupied to resist whatever culture has in store for us next.  We can choose to learn history, but most people will choose pleasure.

If we think we do want to change something, we click an icon to tell our political representatives to please vote this way or that, but most of those politicians are mind controlled, blackmailed, and/or paid very well to ignore us.

What historical aspects of mind control are most glaring to you?  I’d love to hear from you.

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