2016 Summary of Anomalies

Just for the record:  2016 Anomaly Highlights

January:  Woke at 1:45 am with a tone in one ear and my heart rapidinjection bruise on outside left thigh.  Tired but worked anyway.  discovered vaginal irritation – for no reason.  no energy; sat all day.  low energy, then returned.  5 days affected.

February:  Wasted day:  Movies.  Heard weird noise like old fashioned phone, only lower pitch, over movie soundtrack, came through Smart TV.  Also sitting in sunroom, noticed bright light from house on hill, seeming to aim into sunroom and hit me in forehead, causing pineal gland to ache.  Had to go inside.  woke with ears ringing loud, had been hot and cold in bed, feeling “hit bottom” again.  Photo’d bruise and puncture (where?).  disabled for third day, depressed, heart ache, want to die, herpes outbreak.  Few times in last 3 days, feelings of confusion, not knowing who or where I am.  experienced disabling fear about – what I couldn’t remember afterward.  Back wrenched for unknown reason.  Psychic message:  I’m already “in” the system I’m resisting.  “Resistance is futile.”  Phone rang, picked up, weird recording as if I’d made the call; given numbers.  Few weird phone experiences this week.  UFO?  Slow, 3 lights, low hummmm, NE to SW.  2 weird sounds in house – one Peaches also heard, in art room, then again in that area heard from bathroom.  Slept only 2 hours last night and woke at 10:45 pm!  Felt severely poisoned, exhausted.  10 days.

March:  message again:  I’m already “in” the Controlled System” ie “Resistance is Futile.”  scary.  tense, anxious, stoned all day.  still sick – 3 days.  2 scoop marks on spine, high near neck, photo’d.  (Spring Equinox) Looked SO BAD, took photo of self looking horrible.  severely depressed 5 days.  Bad anxiety – impulsively bought trailer had to return (lost$400).  only slept 2 hours.  only slept 6 hours, awoken in night by electronic tone.  12 days.

April:  woke at 2:30 am with energy for whole day – until 11:30 pm!  unusual energy.  up at 5:30 after only 6 hrs sleep.  woke tired, low energy, struggled all day – after 2 relaxing days.  Woke at 11 after 1 hour sleep!  Then woke at 3 am, hearing 4-5 ascending tones, very precise.  Slept again til 7 – woke exhausted.  “Dark one” writing night before.  Woke exhausted.  “Crying One” trying to get out.  Lost energy at 2 pm.  had vision of red and black chromosomes like snakes held together in their centers, writhing inside me, “cleaning up” – but I feared it was something else.  Did extreme twisting again.  9 days.

May:  weird altered state of listening to someone, agreeing, then awaking, not remembering!  low energy.  woke 2:30 am.  no energy, can’t work.  Disabled with Heavy sadness.  Urges to sob.  Can’t work or call Mom (tube all day).  Woke after 2 hrs sleep – nothing on my mind.  Electronic waking?  Unable to work.  Sobbing all day.  low energy, sobbing a lot.  energy zapped, did nothing all day.  8 days.

June:  hard day, felt like crying often.  had flash of alter switches.  Stoned – but did someone taint my mj w lsd?  Did stupid things.  Very confused.  But provoking awareness and healing – so okay?  couldn’t work all day.  very tired, napped often.  couple days of computer refusing to open x12, then suddenly worked.  Healing!  2 halves of body are equal!  woke w 2 lumps on thumb.  low energy, nothing done.  good energy, but losing track of time.  9 days.

July:  Nausea, olfactory hallucinations, and terrifying premonition of evil in future in Silver City AND in Stronghold.  missing time while up to pee, 12:15 – 12:40 am.  Then, 11 pm, up with too much energy to sleep.  2 days.

August:  Listening to BrainWave, it changed music while listening to it; wasted by 2 pm; Woke after 9 pm with sensation of emerging from an electronic/other oppression, face-first.  Woke in night as though emerging again from a frozen survival state.  BrainWave app changed settings while listening to it.  tired five days, did little, lots of movie watching.  soles of feet sore, tired, found door lock off and doors unlocked.  BrainWave app turned itself on when I didn’t touch it.  ODD:  channeled a curry recipe!!  Computer seems to be remotely controlled.  Sick, heart troubles.  sick, lethargy, faint, low blood pressure/Cardiio.  fever.  extremely ill.  very ill, could barely move to pack things.  feel like major psy op x 13.  hacking, coughing, still exhausted, napped.  14 days.

September:  vaginal and anal irritation, like raped in night.  burning fever, like on too hot hot pad.  “slept” 10 hours.  woke with spastic muscle in pudendum!  herpes around anus.  deposit on trailer – acted like a MK subject, trusting.  5 days + most of month enraged, recovering from psy op last month.

October:  10 pm:  transmission: man talking to me, can’t remember content.  Conscious at 10:05 w heart racing.  twice more.  woken by bang on the trailer roof twice, 4 and 4:15 am.  heard drone (apparently) fly near, vibration in chest felt terrible, anxiety.  two cars spying on me, parking immediately next to my vehicle with whole lot available.  two trucks watching me, slow drive-bys.  slept 7-7=12 hrs!  found injection bruise on right front thigh, high.  crazy, loud traffic next to trailer with cans thrown at trailer.  remote control of my computer, disallowing Bluetooth.  1 am:  BAD night sweat, waking me, three nights in a row.  last “fix” at RVC.  Passcode book disappeared, as well as thumb drive.  Also clock alarm set to midnight again.  Alarm went off at midnight again.  compelled to nap, then woken in strange altered state by phone call from Dar.  Rest of day wasted, felt like I had water in my ear.  17 days.

November:  very loud engine/humming sound from overhead, back and forth, 8:48 and 9:07.  White dog arrived and seemed controlled to sit at my feet and/or at our front door; threatening Peaches, would not leave, acting like a controlled dog.  Woke in night at 1 am.  Back to consciousness at 4:30 – 3.5 hrs missing time?  found 5 financial sites hacked.  spent day doing defense.  Citibank passcode worked, didn’t, fixed, didn’t, fixed.  4 days.

December:  something knocked repeatedly on my bedroom window, 6-7 times, twice.  I ignored, almost forgot, altered state.  buzzed by two huge helicopters with terrible vibe.  tired and groggy all next day.  8:10 pm?  went into trance, received instructions can’t remember, woke 8:24 pm.  Driving home from luncheon with parents, missed 10 miles and turn-off on 202.  driving, noticed my vulva is swollen – wondered if raped in night.  heard noise outside by truck, but immobilized and couldn’t look.  10 pm, start to brush teeth, went into trance, woke up, finished brushing, found time was 11:11, and door was unlocked.  1 hour missing time.  Altered states while listening to Corey Goode talk about his life being used by good aliens and also monitored by govt.  8 days.

Total days disturbed:  128 days

Average days/month:  11 days/month

Physical anomalies:

injection bruise x2

vaginal irritation x3, anal irritation, and spastic muscle in pudendum

heart problems x 2

sick to stomach with numb shoulder

ringing ears

bruise and puncture, photographed

back wrenched

felt poisoned, tense, anxious

2 scoop marks on spine

2 lumps on thumb

soles of feet sore

Count # of disabled days:

Conscious of waking from altered state: 6

listening to someone, agreeing, then awaking, not remembering

after altered state, feels like water in ear for 3 days

while listening to MK subject testimony

Immobilized after event:  2

knocking on window but unable to look

noise of truck being messed with outside but couldn’t look

Weird waking w tones or electronics:  11

Disabled:  27

Missing time:  4

1 hour, 11 minutes missing time in middle of brushing teeth

Perceptual Anomalies:

Waking with tone/s in ear/s:

strange noise in house x2, once heard also by Peaches

bright light from hillside that hurt head

Forgetting where I am

Disabling fear about something I couldn’t remember

Message: “Resistance is futile” x2


Electronic awakening x3

“Dark One” writing

“Crying One” trying to get out

vision of black and red chromosomes writing inside, “cleaning up”

flash of alter switches

felt on LSD, very confused

olfactory hallucination

major psy op with 13+ components, another 25 components

transmission of man talking to me, can’t remember content

heard drone (apparently) fly overhead, hover, vibration in chest, bad anxiety

2 cars spying on me in wilderness, parking immediately next to me

2 trucks driving slowly by me in dispersed camping

woken by bang on trailer roof twice 4 and 4:15 am,

Machinery Anomalies:

Weird recording on phone as if I’d made the call

Other weird phone experiences in one week

Days of computer refusing to open x 12

Portable door lock missing for days, then returned

BrainWave changed music while listening

BrainWave changed settings while listening

Found door lock off and doors unlocked

BrainWave turned itself on

Computer seeming remotely controlled, again

Loud engine heard overhead back and forth in night

Four financial sites hacked

Buzzed by two helicopters at night, tired and groggy all next day

Traffic with thrown cans constant all night in town

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