Simple Cure! – for part of Morgellon’s

Last night I woke at 1 am and since I couldn’t sleep, I sat up and asked my Spirit Help what they might want me to hear, as They often wake me at night for things like that.

Morgellon’s was a spiritual battle, they said – like everything else. Yes, I’m supposed to keep my diet clean and sugar-minimized, and keep sleeping well, and getting sun, but I’m also supposed to be talking with the spiritual beings around me who can also deal with the fungal beings in my skin – on this realm and others.

On this realm, I was also encouraged that simple products could help change the ecosystem of my skin even more than essential oils. Online this morning, I read that using vinegar to create an acid environment could diminish the fungal aspect of Morgellon’s. And so I’m beginning….

…That was a week or more ago and that’s as far as I got.  I never put on vinegar after the first day!  What’s wrong?  Mind control?  Sheesh.

Okay. I don’t need to be as gloomy as I was last post.

Going for the vinegar now.

1 thought on “Simple Cure! – for part of Morgellon’s

  1. Jean Eisenhower

    I am blown away!!
    After applying vinegar to my face, neck, and arms (should have been 50/50 with water, which it will be from now on), I had a wonderful experience of “waking up “!!!!
    It seemed the vinegar knocked back the fungus so powerfully that it allowed my mind to function naturally again!
    This morning I woke happy and gave myself a full-body wash with 50/50, and feel even more alive and alert again! Feeling hopeful for the first time!


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