Re-Considering Archons

I’ve been wrestling with ideas for a few days now, standing as far back as I can for the cosmic big picture, trying to see things in as exact opposite a manner as I can imagine, then turning things sideways and looking again, approaching repeatedly from different angles.  Getting outside my mystical head in a rational philosophical exercise, and as I often do, trying to reason from my Christian brother’s point of view, hoping to see something new.

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 7.41.25 PMAnd today I re-watched a YouTube video about Archons – the ancient, inorganic intelligences that the Gnostics said control humanity and are often observed as being of either of two types:  humanoid-reptilian or fetus-like – very similar to descriptions by “alien abductees.”

Since I’ve experienced reptilians more than once, I wonder that I didn’t chose to follow up on this theory long ago.  Probably because it would be too frightening to believe.  Military mind control is bad enough.   Military mind control programmers working under the direction of reptilian humanoids, no thanks!  So I tried not to think about them, and didn’t make judgement on their nature, practicing denial.

Besides, I’d also been having blissful experiences with extra-dimensional beings on a regular basis for a few years and intermittently throughout my life, and these mystical experiences were sometimes difficult to put into either the blissful or terrifying category.  And when I tried, I felt the need to do what seemed impossible, spiritually, so I eventually backed off my theory, in hopes of coming to some other conclusion I could more easily deal with!

I have known for a long time that we live in “an ocean of spirit,” including everything from malevolent archons, to angels, archangels, ghosts of every caliber, aliens who care about us and may be our kin, animal spirits, elementals, devas, fairies, gnomes, and much more – not because I read about them, but because I’ve either interacted with them personally or met people who have.

So when confronted with reptilian energy forms, I found it shocking at first, but not so far-out.  But because of my extremely negative experiences with Christianity (including darkly suspicious control over my children), I was willing to ignore Christian-type warnings about reptilians and other aliens and instead look first at all the other mystical literature to see what matched my own experience.

Almost a decade has gone by now, and I can no longer believe that humans are acting under their own volition as they vote to allow corporations to destroy the rain forests, kill the oceans, frack fault lines, make war on three other countries at once, steal economic wealth, and introduce “death genes” into our plant food sources.

Humans wouldn’t do that.  Unless they are being mind controlled by something that is not human.  This is the only explanation that suffices.  And it happens to be what the Gnostics warned of over 2,000 years ago: Archons.  And a version of the story is in the Bible and other sacred texts and folklore all over the planet.  So I’ll accept it.

Besides, my personal experiences of “the vibe” of these beings fits the story told by the Gnostics.

The Gnostic view of the Archons, according to John Lamb Lash and others, simplified and amplified (I hope correctly) by myself:

– They are inorganic beings, akin to thought forms or programs, which were created by Sophia (by accident) before humanity or Earth were created, but having forms related to us humans because we and the Earth are also of Sophia.

– They have two forms:  one of a fetus-like being, passive and obedient, and the second reptilian in form (energetic, not material), excessive, and feeding on energy, particularly human fear and hatred.  (These two types correspond to the aliens called “grays” or “Zetas” and reptilians.”)

– They provoke fear and hatred (their nourishment) in humanity through politics, warfare, religion, education, poison, malnutrition, pharmaceuticals, and entertainment, as well as through torturous individual mind control.  With all these tools, they “milk” our energy and take some of us for experimentation.

– They are limited in various ways:  They don’t have intention, but only programming (which they work to imprint on us, making us “in their image”); they can’t stay in this three-dimensional world for very long; and they are arrogant, which skews their thinking.

The Gnostics counsel that our protection against them is personal spiritual work, particularly with the gift of Sophia:  our creative imagination.

And that is exactly how I have thwarted them.  And when I’ve failed to do that, well, they seem to sap my energy for a few days, and then I come back to myself.  My task now is to use my creative imagination for better protection.

The ultimate prediction for the Archons is that their own arrogance and overreach will be their downfall.  And we can see this on the Earth right now:  their excesses stripping the Earth of her life, threatening the species which is their own food (us), thereby threatening their own existence.

More about Archons is in this 2-part (15 minutes each) video, the most succinct and useful version I’ve found of this info:

And here, for those of you not turned off by accounts of people using entheogens (hallucinogens or plant medicines), a report by a man who experienced reptilian entities and describes them very much as I also experienced them:

Also:  I like Jim Nichol’s series of videos, of which the 7th of a 24-part series (5-minutes each) is here with an important message for me, specifically a message channeled by Barbara Marciniac purportedly from Pleiadeans, which I rejected before (and threw away the book) but am open to now:

Jim also articulates the same understanding of Jesus as I have throughout my writings, both his spiritual teachings and the political disinformation launched against him, followed by all-out terrorism, murder, and destruction of ideas – mind control – eventually perverting his teachings into a state-sanctioned doctrine, with the crucifix as the visual reminder of what happens to radical teachers.

Thank you, Jim!

Part 7 is here:


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  1. insomniac

    Howdy Jean, The ultimate goal of my Systems, Symbiosis and the Forest Goddess(AKA, The Unified Theory of the Psychedelic Aliens) project is to identify who i think these Archons really are and why i am convinced they are in control. I am back working on that presentation.

    Glad to see you posting again… i’m stimulated. =-)


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