Interpreting the “Orange Alien” Experience

Hey Everyone,

Again, I think this might be my final post, in which I’ll sum up the meaning of my “Orange Alien” experience and place it in the context of my cosmology and spirituality.

I am now certain that the event was a mind control operation, either for testing my programming, updating the programming, installing new programming, or a combination.

I theorize that the initial electronic connection (I assume made via my implants which act as receivers) is what resulted in my being suddenly too agitated to lie still despite my exhaustion.

And the next part of the transmission provoked those images/sensations I interpreted as “beings” in my body.  (There are theories that even “thought forms” can take life as “beings,” so my first interpretation of this is not all that unusual in the lore.)

I next sensed my “energy body” offset from my physical body which, when I focused on it, I interpreted as a lethargic shadow.  I seemed hopeful that it was easy for me to move it away.

But what was it?  My immobilized Self leaving?  That wouldn’t be good (or maybe it’s what always happens in trauma and mind control).  Or was it something else?  I’m not sure.

The next sensation of the chaotic “little robot” bouncing around inside me I theorize was a visual interpretation of the energy of some programming.  Since my Soul would resist programming, the energy would naturally “bounce around,” going haywire.  It seemed I removed it, if not the programming, then maybe only my resistance.

The next image was of the tiny, primary orange, stereotypical “alien”-headed simple figure with a little stick body – very much like a cartoon.

Having read shamanic memoirs including experiences with the weirdest and simplest beings on other dimensions, I was willing to entertain the idea that this being could actually exist; however, after weeks of reflection, I’m more inclined to say the image was created with animation software and was induced as a visual experience as part of the mind control transmission, possibly to focus my attention and/or test my implant’s reception.

Next came the alien’s message, which began with concepts I’ve considered and do accept to some degree (supported by Sumerian history, Greek and Roman “mythology,” Judeo-Christian religious history, and critiques of evolutionary science):

The humans on Earth were created, and we’re being constantly taught, trained, tested, manipulated, chosen, judged, put to work/enslaved, genetically manipulated, selectively destroyed, etc. by beings (almost certainly more than one group, with differing agendas) who are sometimes worshipped, sometimes thought cruel, and regularly deemed to have motivations beyond our understanding.  And they usually use “rulers” to do their bidding.

I find nothing problematic about this theory.  I don’t “like” it, but as a theory, it explains a lot that “consensus reality” does not explain.

(The theory is problematic to the individual because of our American culture’s split-mindedness about it all – encouraging aspects of it through religion, while patently denying it in all other public arenas, particularly “education.”)

Continuing with the message:  It seems that the creator Gods/gods/aliens intend to do away with their project/s fairly soon, probably saving some of their favored “stock,” which is typical scientific practice and coincidentally matches religious and historical prophesies.

And there are also benevolent beings on other dimensions, observing and noting the many wonderful humans here who have created much good and are worthy of saving.  We witness the existence of these people, and it also matches prophesy.

Finally, to conclude the orange alien’s introduction, there is a big change coming, which we may experience as a catastrophe, but which will lead to a new era of history.

(Eras of history are pretty much ignored by American academia, but are taken for granted by many other cultures and sub-cultures, such as the tales of Atlantis, Lemuria, the Hopi’s [and other tribes’] “Third World” [Second, Fourth, etc], Sumerian account of the arrival of the Annunaki, etc.)

Life ends; new life begins.

The Apocalypse:  The most feared event of Christian prophesy.  But the real meaning of the word is:  seeing or revelation.

Catastrophy will be the catalyst, while new life is born.

I don’t have a problem with this message.

What I have a problem with is “losing” the next 80 minutes and then getting up urgently to plug in a Monroe Institute recording to listen to.

Both these aspects smell like mind control.  Carolyn named it, and I now agree.

It is my nature, however, to consider all possibilities calmly, taking my time, sometimes getting feedback from others, because it is my calling as a writer to document my process carefully, so that I can explain it to help others.

So I’ve weighed all possibilities, and it’s clear to me that the message could very well be “true” – in the sense that we can ever hope to speak “truth” about the cosmos in our very limited Earth languages.

Or, if it’s not true, then it was a message that someone knew I wouldn’t easily object to, (despite it’s delivery by an orange alien cartoon figure), and thereby could serve as an effective “hook” to get my attention for whatever followed.

And here’s the kicker: I don’t know what followed.

What do I do about missing time (80 minutes) and the probability of programming?

From what I’ve read, mind control technology is extremely complex and tricky or impossible to remove – if you can trust anyone and have enough money to pay them.

I have neither trust nor money, so I’m stuck with my own resources – like most in my situation.

Which brings me to spirituality.

Many readers know that I don’t follow any creed, but I trust an experience I had decades ago, in which I heard some of Christ’s teachings and, even though I was dumbfounded that these teachings were credited to the icon of mainstream American religion, for which I had no respect, I had an immediate whole-body reaction of affinity with His teachings.

It was not a rational judgement (any number of religions and philosophies present coherent teachings I can accept); this was a sense of recognizing, remembering, knowing something deep in my soul, as though written in my cells.

I’ve often summed up His teachings as the opposite of violence, materialism, racism, doctrinairism, and sexism.  My immediate reaction was:  I’m with Him!  

I had no problem accepting that this teacher was my “Lord” (the authority or influence I gladly accept).

Today, I do not go to church (gives me the creeps), and I have no rituals.  I simply try to live every aspect of my life by His basic teachings and “check in” regularly to talk – though I have a difficult time using the English pronunciation of the Greek translation of His Hebrew (Earth life) name, which reminds me of scamming preachers.

So I often commune wordlessly with Him, feeling my connection through the dimensions, acknowledging him a leader or major prophet-teacher of “my cosmic tribe.”

Why I jumped up to get the Monroe recording, rather than lie there and pray?  I think because it was the first time I experienced such a terrifyingly high pitch ringing in my ears.

Maybe it also had a cosmic good purpose – to help me realize my weakness so I can be braver next time.

In any case, I am concerned that the controllers are still trying to work with me.

But I am confident about a few things too:  I do not want to be their tool, and I intend to fight it and die fighting, even suffering if that’s what it comes to.

I intend to strengthen my spiritual life as we go deeper into these precarious times.

In the event that there will come a time when the dimensions will split the Earth experience into two or more futures, in which the controllers take their subdued stock, and the benevolent ones collect the mentally stronger members of their tribe, I pray I’ll been recognized.

In prayer that this is of service to you all,


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