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Friday Random Beauty: Dar’s Orb


I’ve come to believe ancient tales of faeries and contemporary tales of orbs and such.

I have no personal experience of faeries myself, but I have a number of friends who either secretly or publicly admit to relationships with them.

51XH32M8WQL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_And of course, I love (and wrote about here) best-selling author Peter Thompkin’s Secret Life of Nature:  Living in Harmony with the Hidden World of Nature Spirits from Fairies to Quarks, which encouraged me to quit being such a dang “productive” person all the time and learn to just sit and listen in my garden, which I do more now, but not quite enough.  Still, last fall, I had an experience with a spirit in a tree (sprite?) which I’ve written about but haven’t yet chosen to publish.  Perhaps soon.

I did have one experience with an orb once, about the size of a basketball, which suddenly appeared while I was driving near my home in the country.  It was bouncing around chaotically about twenty feet ahead of me, to the right of the road, between four feet and fifteen feet from the ground.  While I watched gape-mouthed and clutched the steering wheel, it bounced around for 5-10 seconds – then disappeared.

Dar's orb FR 189So when Dar told me this story, of course I believed her, and she shared this photo with me.

She was walking in nature and came upon an old concrete wall and well that had been long-abandoned.  She had her camera ready to take a photo of the well, when suddenly this orb zipped into the frame, and she captured it!

May we all be open to Magic and Goodness, no matter whether – or maybe especially because – we’re also dogged by unpleasant things.


Friday Random Beauty: “Rebel Jesus”

Yeshiva - (I meant to write, and thought I wrote "Yeshua," but I wrote this interesting derivation!  Wonder where that came from….

We’re preparing for a concert in which we’ll sing this amazing song, “‘Rebel Jesus,” which I’d love to share with you as my Friday Random Beauty offering.

The lyrics, by Jackson Browne, are amazing.  As John Nichols wrote in The Nation:  “Browne’s lyrics, world-weary and wry in their observations yet warm in their delivery, offer an ancient antidote to the dispiriting crush of commerce, the tyranny of schedules and the theft of meaning that can crowd the better angels of our nature at Christmas:”

(Below I’ll paste a link to a video of Jackson Browne singing it.)

Rebel Jesus

All the streets are filled with laughter and light

And the music of the season

And the merchants’ windows are all bright

With the faces of the children

And the families hurrying to their homes

As the sky darkens and freezes

They’ll be gathering around their hearths and tables

Giving thanks for all God’s graces

And the birth of the rebel Jesus


Well they call him by the prince of peace

And they call him by the savior

And they pray to him upon the seas

And in every bold endeavor

As they fill his churches with their pride and gold

And their faith in him increases

But they’ve turned the nature that I worshipped in

From a temple to a robber’s den

In the words of the rebel Jesus


We guard our world with locks and guns

And we guard our fine possessions

And once a year when christmas comes

We give to our relations

And perhaps we give a little to the poor

If the generosity should seize us

But if any one of us should interfere

In the business of why they are poor

They get the same as the rebel Jesus


But pardon me if I seem

To take the tone of judgement

For I’ve no wish to come between

This day and our enjoyment

In this life of hardship and of earthly toil

We’ve need for anything that frees us

So I bid us pleasure

And I bid us cheer

From a heathen and a pagan

On the side of the rebel jesus.

rebel jesus screen shot

Here’s Jackson singing it:


Friday Random Beauty: Saving the Life of a Lizard

lizards cuToday, we took a walk around an acquaintance’s property, and at the very beginning of the walk, I spotted one – and then two – desiccated lizards which I picked up to carry home.

I like lizards.  They do insect control, are neat and clean, and are symbolic of the dreamtime.  And I’ve had many good experiences with them over the years – and one experience that felt tragic to me, in which I accidentally killed a large mama lizard full of eggs (all recounted in my book).

Of course, I’ve always felt glad when I’ve been able to save a lizard trapped in some sort of container it can’t climb out of, when still alive and able to recover from its temporary imprisonment.  That happened a lot at my old hermitage.

rock creek house

Once a lizard refused to leave my hand but ran up my arm and rode around with me on my shoulder for almost an hour until I insisted it return to the garden.

Two days later, I found two lizards (similar to the first hitchhiker, so maybe the one told its buddy about me) hanging on the back of my shirt.  Since I’d been on my feet for hours, I could only assume they’d jumped onto me from the doorway of the screen porch where they liked to hang out for cooling breezes.

Since mystical experiences often occur in threes, I wondered when I found the first and second desiccated lizards this morning, Would there be a third?  

Within a short time, we came upon a baby lizard hanging – improbably – up-side-down by the tip of its tail, suspended by a spider web he’d partially destroyed and deformed so that the entire web pulled down with its lowest point a twisted thread of sticky strands wrapped around the scaly tip of the lizard’s tail, leaving the baby lizard dangling helplessly in the air.  It wiggled its legs, so we knew it was alive.

I held my hand up and let the baby lizard climb on, then with fingers of my other hand gently pulled away bits of web still wrapped around the tip of its tail.  In seconds the lizard was free.  Like the other rescued lizards, this one didn’t seem interested in leaving my hand, so I was able to carry it to a convenient tree branch IMG_2088stump.

There, the baby lizard obliged, but turned around to look at me.

I put my face right up to the branch – and the little one stepped forward toward my face, so I leaned in too, and we nearly touched noses.  I assume he or she said thanks, and then I turned and we went on our way.

Later, I returned to photograph this stump where I deposited and last saw the little thing and looked around a bit in case it was nearby, but didn’t see it.

lizards cuAt home I took this photo of the two dried heralds of the life-saving event.

Blessings to you all on your walks in Nature today ~