Suggestions for Healing from Mind Control

Recently, I was interviewed by Tami Urbanek ( about healing from mind control.  (Two interviews should be there, the second specifically about healing, the other about mind control.)

For those without an hour to spend listening, I’d like to outline my suggestions here – after I disclaim any idea that I am fully healed.

I am still very much in healing, though the “events” that might cause problems with normal social functioning and earning a living are very few; sometimes I do experience them, but they’re rare.

Why I think I have anything to offer is this:  Almost everyone in our culture is mind controlled to some degree, but most of it is subtle and seductive and people don’t want to see it; so it requires someone with a more extreme experience to see it clearly, and someone not too totally messed up to be able to talk about it, and someone with “nothing left to lose” to have the guts to talk about it.  Here I am.

What I’ll share here is what I’ve done to get as far as I have – bits and pieces of good advice given me, mixed with things I discovered intuitively and now know was essential to my healing.

1. Use paid counselors (psychiatrists and other therapists) wisely.  They have a lot to offer for help with depression, grief, strengthening “boundaries,” neuroses, relationship issues, assertiveness, etc., but they will be worthless or worse if you are in denial about something outside our culturally- accepted “reality,” such as having been a subject of mind controllers or having experienced “alien” beings, in which case, they’ll encourage your denial.

If you choose to use them, please ask about whether they use a “client-centered approach” with you, and then read about it yourself, so you understand your role, your power in that approach, and then use that role to begin directing your own healing with their help.  If they say they’re doing that, but they’re not, leave.

Remember that your healing work is huge, and an hour or two or three a week will not be enough.  And it will be costly, and insurance is not likely to cover it.  So use them when needed, but plan to do most of your work on your own.

You may also be encouraged to take pharmaceuticals if they try to pass you off to a psychiatrist.  Avoid that if you can!  Psychiatrists have bought into a system that was at the very heart of mind control in the first place.  One of the worst perpetrators, Ewen Cameron, was the President of both the American Psychiatric Institute and the World Psychiatric Institute, and neither of those organizations have disclaimed him.

Having said that, I’ll admit that I once used Zoloft for a short time when depression had me unable to get out of bed and my partner begged me to consider it.  I used a fraction of what was prescribed and discovered that suddenly I could get out of bed again and be hopeful about life and my healing.  One day, I realized the pills were making me “too happy,” so I cut them in half and then took the half dose only every other day, and kept reducing my dose until I was off them and functioning again.  That was back in the mid-90s, and I’ve been prescription-free ever since.

I also saw a psychiatrist last year, mostly to make an official record of my wounds (I was pissed off at the government, and wanted to tell them so).  At the time, I had wanted to apply for disability, as I was having a very hard time functioning at my work.  He called me paranoid and delusional and wanted to put me on pharmaceuticals, which I refused.  However, the mind controllers seemed to let up on me, so maybe it was a good decision.  But it may have also been dangerous, and I don’t recommend it, unless you get a strong intuitive hit to do so.  But avoid their drugs.

I had a friend kill herself a couple years ago when she was trying to remember her childhood abuse and her psychiatrist was over-medicating her.  Her grief had been compounded by the fact that the drugs were making it difficult for her to remember how to operate her computer or even wake up with three alarms going off full blast.  Whether she intended to drive off the highway or just fell asleep at the wheel from her medications, we’ll never know.

Avoid numbing drugs, please.

Another warning about the shrinks:  Even though some I must credit with keeping me alive and sane, others may be mind controllers themselves.  I believe that in the past I have submitted to them and paid them hundreds of dollars.  (Got away before it turned into thousands.)

If you ever distrust them, don’t tell them everything.  If you’re not sure you trust them, pay attention to your body; it knows.

Use the same precautions with support groups and with friends.  This is the beginning of developing some natural human capacity that was nearly destroyed (to a great extent but not totally) by your mind control.  Deciding who to trust is one of your first steps to healing.

2. Take care of your physical body and space.

Eat the healthiest food you can, then learn more about nutrition and continue to improve it as long as you’re alive.  Learn about organic food, raw foods, seaweeds, allergies to wheat, etc., and keep learning more.  Nutritional Healing is an excellent resource (but I take the supplements advice with a grain of salt – they’re expensive; I spend my money on organic food).

Protect your sleep.

Protect yourself from anyone dangerous (physically or emotionally) to you, including family.  Move, if necessary, aiming for peace.

Protect yourself from unnecessary noise.  Enjoy quiet whenever you can.  Radio “news” is so unnecessary.  I used to produce it, and I no longer believe it is necessary for civic functioning; it may be detrimental.  Shut it off, unless you really want to escape your mind; but remember that whatever is in our minds is what we’re needing to work on.

Protect yourself from unnecessary light.  Do you know that unnatural light and too much constant light messes with our minds and bodies?  When I was a hermit, one of the most amazing things I discovered was regaining my circadian rhythms with the slow quieting of light in late day and slow regaining of light each morning.  Now, I’m back in a town, but I use lights very sparingly, and it is soothing.  When I go to others’ homes, constantly lit, it feels weird.

Ditto all the electronic gadgets and radiation in our environment.  I’ve added switches to everything electronic in my home, so everything can be turned off.  It not only saves money, but quiets the energetic environment.

If you feel like being a hermit, as I was, consider it seriously.  I think it was the smartest thing I did for myself.  I went for years without listening to music or anything else on the radio, and was able to indulge in paying attention to myself, my spiritual connections, my dreams, etc.

I thought I would stay a hermit forever, but I returned to society when I was ready.  Leaving was perfect.  Returning was perfect.

Get exercise, get into nature, do yoga (it helps heal the rift in our body-knowing).

Clear your physical space.  If you need, “pretend” you’re aiming to have a “zen” environment – actually, that is a great goal, but just pretend, if you need a push to get started.  Clutter can be an outward manifestation of the disorganization of our minds.

Recruit a friend if you need help.  Read books about it.  Check out Oprah’s videos on it, and get going.  I needed help.  Another friend of mine took years to get started, but she’s 80 percent through sorting all her possessions.  You can do it.

Changing your physical space will remind you you’re on a healing, clarifying journey.  One friend has a beautiful piece of art on her wall that says, “Breathe.”  Use whatever you need to make your home a nurturing space.

Remember to breathe.  I once took a class in breathing!  It un-stuck some memories and freed my body to more properly breathe and provide me oxygen!  Essential.

3. Take care of your emotions.

Accept that your healing will take time.  Our wounding is complicated; MK is like a machine and is probably best removed one piece at a time, though sometimes big sections may be disassembled at once.  Be patient.  We think we want to magically, immediately become “normal” or free, but it might be too much of a shock, and then we’d only be rescued, but not learn anything.

On the other hand, be ready for big changes to happen spontaneously!  Sometimes they do, and then we sit back, in awe, in gratitude, so amazed at the perfection of life, which can change our grief into wisdom and make us so glad we’re here.

Every healing will be different, your own unique path to your own unique wisdom.  Yours will contain its own metaphors, and lead you toward your own soul’s goals, and no one can give you a map.  It’s your own unique process of discovery, which will make you the wise one you’re on the way to becoming.

To get there, be ready to have your worldview shattered.  John Mack calls it “ontological shock” – shock in having everything we thought was real suddenly shift.  It’s okay.  It’s the path of everyone who gains wisdom, to realize that this crazy world is not what we think it is.

Remember that the trip gets better and easier.  There are ups and downs, certainly, but for the most part, the path is upward if you focus there.  Keep your focus on what’s positive.

Know that you are very strong to have gotten as far as you have – even if you’ve considered “opting out.”  So have I.  I have a friend who once said that he didn’t believe that anyone was truly committed to being alive if they hadn’t considered the alternative.

I’ll also admit that many times I have not been fully committed to living, but only staying here because I didn’t want to hurt my children.  But thank goodness, they kept me here!  Eventually, after slogging through deep depression, I remembered the joy, found a purpose, and then discovered it was a profoundly important journey I was on, to discover who I was beneath all the programming and to develop my soul’s wisdom and strength.

Focus on those possibilities.  See yourself as a warrior, destined to break through each block placed before you, and make the development of the necessary warrior skills for each battle your main goal in life, before all else.

Honor that vision.  The world needs more warriors now.  And those of us who’ve seen and experienced the darkness up close and personal, we understand the other side better than anyone.  Even if we don’t know what to do about it now, we are still important resources of information on this planet.  Honor your place.

“Timely retreat is an important skill of the warrior” – or something like that – from The Book of Runes, by Ralph Blum.  Sometimes we’ll be brave; sometimes we’ll take care of ourselves and back off.  Use your intuition, and honor that impulse as well.  It’s a warrior’s skill.

Know you’re not alone.  There are many in this struggle.  At least 20,000 children are estimated to have been used as we were.  One day we’ll be written of in history, like the Tuskeegee victims and radiation-injected children and many, many other victims of our sometimes insane world.

The point?  I’m not sure beyond what I’ve said already.  But just don’t fool yourself that you’re alone.  You’re not.

Consider that your journey is like that of any Hero, questing after something for which the Hero is willing to risk his or her life.  In some cases, it’s literally true, and it has felt that way often enough to me.

Our quest may be essential for our collective destiny and evolution.  Honor it, even when it’s painful.

Figuring things out, even “only” inside our own heads, may be the most important thing we ever do in this life, more important that just about anything, other than caring for our children – or maybe sometimes more important than even that.  I’ve certainly put it ahead of my “retirement,” for instance.

Practice compassion always.  Many “crazy people” may be multiples, not doing as well as we are.

Practicing compassion also extends to yourself.

Select your friends carefully.

Select carefully the physical things you choose to put in your environment.  Recognize what colors please you, what sorts of things, and put away or give away everything else.  Get rid of junk; everything has energy and affects us.  I once burned 20 years worth of journals!  They carried too much bad energy.

Create time to sit quietly every day.

4. Develop your spiritual life with prayer or meditation.

I do believe we have tremendous help in the other dimensions.  They may be angels or gods, but I don’t use those words for them; in fact, I try to avoid using words for them at all, except their names have power.  I feel they are my family, who have cared for me since I was born here.  Sometimes I call them “spirit help,” but lately I’ve begun to call them “my cosmic family” or “cosmic tribe.”

Strengthen whatever connections you have by, at least, “checking in” daily.  Some of us, because of ritual abuse, have serious problems with prayer or petitions or anything ritualistic.  I’ve struggled with it a lot.  But when I check in with my help (cosmic family), I make more consistent progress, have greater peace and confidence that I’m on the right track.

I made a self-hypnosis recording to help me sit still – only 12 minutes long – which directs the listener in a manner that supports self-direction.  Others might find it a useful tool.

(I meant to post in the notes below it the entire text of the session, but realize I haven’t yet.  I intend to do that soon.  If I don’t, please remind me.)

Our resistance to ritual is understandable, and I still avoid ritual situations.  Go beyond ritual; communicate from your heart and express your feelings in whatever manner feels true to you.  Sometimes they will be gestures or actions that seem ritualistic, and that’s okay if it comes from your heart.  The point is honest communication.

Beware spiritual imposters.  The spiritual realms are filled with beings, intelligent, ascended, un-evolved, tricksters, and more.  “Discerning the spirits” is an important spiritual exercise – sometimes I think the very most important.

Then learn to protect yourself.  I find that focusing on my own good heart and my positive spiritual contacts is far more successful than putting up shields or protection against the others.

Ask specific questions, and learn to listen.  Ask more questions, if necessary, then act on the answers you’ve been given.

You may want to record the answers to your petitions, to hold yourself accountable and later check the advice in hindsight.

Be open to spontaneous healing and other amazing events.  Make time for them.

Read about spiritual practice, if you feel drawn to it, but let your journey be self-directed.

Use meditation to move your focus away from all the craziness of our world and toward your self-identity:  your values, the goodness in yourself and others, your energy (calming), and your emotions (balanced), and your help.  Know that this is real.

Meditation has been the primary consciousness tool used throughout all cultures known through history; it will support your prayers and your healing.

5. Write to learn and focus.

Keep a journal, at least a brief one, so you can remember what you’ve learned.  It will amaze you as the years go by and give you a sense of direction, responsibility, and accomplishment.

Writing will also assist your own psychotherapy, by helping you recognize what are your issues.

If you need help knowing how to begin, there are books about keeping journals and probably articles online.

I’ve also used audio- and video-recording lately, which may be easier for some.

6. Try self-hypnosis.

I became a certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, and though I have not worked with clients for years, I respect the possibilities, but think it is far more important that people learn to do this for themselves.

Carla Emery’s Secret, Don’t Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism has an excellent section on using self-hypnosis to understand and undo the effects of mind control.

(It also has an excellent summary of CIA mind control and other examples of unethical hypnosis used in Europe and the United States in the last hundred-plus years.  It is an excellent compendium.  If you want to buy it, please buy it from Carla’s widow at  Not Amazon, please. is a great alternative.  Avoid Amazon.)

Keep in mind the primary goal of breaking the amnesic block, disabling the hypnotic key/control, and disabling all programming.

Remember:  Go for the feelings; they are the clue to everything (not the ideas that pop up in the mind, which can be programmed).

Remember:  You don’t have to be afraid of remembering too much; you can control that.  You can ask to remember at whatever pace your inner wise one knows will allow you to heal most swiftly and comfortably.

Techniques can include working alone (with your inner wise one) or with a trusted friend.  Begin with a goal to understand an event, a feeling, or a symbol.  Use your rational mind to debate both sides, but ultimately go for the feeling meaning.

If images are frightening, don’t confront or avoid; use visualization to change it, even if only little by little over time.

Use self-hypnosis to envision yourself in a healed state.

7. Educate yourself with books and videos.

I used to read a great deal about this, then became saturated and quit.  My list may not be the most current, but these are titles I’ve appreciated a great deal and recommend, followed by videos:

DC Hammond, “The Greenbaum Speech” (not real title, but what everyone calls it), online here:

Colin Ross, CIA Mind Control Doctors and Military Mind Control

Carla Emery, Secret, Don’t Tell

John Mack, Abductions and Passport to the Cosmos – for those with alien experiences  (John Mack has the outlook that things blowing our minds is a necessary experience for opening consciousness; alien cruelty may be accidental, not intentional.)

Ann Diamond, A Certain Girl

Svali, online, both print and video

Peter Levine, Waking the Tiger, Healing Trauma

Alison Miller, Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

Check your medical library for literature on multiple personality, now called DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder.
There’s also a lot of literature for the lay person on MPD with a focus on healing, including many biographies, some written by compassionate MD’s.  Very interesting.
The Sleep Room on DVD
The Franklin Scandal – search online for the title and the word video.  It’s a bootleg copy of an almost-final cut of a History Channel video that was squashed before airing.  It is sometimes removed, then replaced elsewhere.
The Manchurian Candidate – both the Frank Sinatra and Denzel Washington versions depict mind control done to adults.
Men Who Stare at Goats – this somewhat-comedy contains elements of truth which explain a few motivations.
Also search online for government mind control, and watch my collection on You Tube/ParadigmSalonVideo:
Final warning:  Too much reading and video-watching may not be healthy.  It’s scary stuff and better not to focus on it too much.  Read/watch just enough to understand.  You can always return later.  Too much of anything can be toxic.
My last words:  Recovering from mind control is a very serious challenge for survival of body and soul.
In more inspiring terms, I see it as a challenge to deeply consider the state of one’s consciousness, because that’s what’s required, and that’s what might be the gift in all this horror.
Almost everyone has been given this challenge, though most got it easier than us.  But we have received more information and have more potential.

Now we just have to do the work, our own unique work to reclaim our minds.

It’s the holiest grail….

And every day I’m grateful.

The struggle to regain consciousness and integration is difficult, but it can be done, and the reward is greater than you can know:  to gain the prize, we must first develop subtle skills, intuition and strength, and that in itself is fantastic:  we deepen our souls like others can’t even imagine.  So keep the faith….


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  1. Caroline K.

    There are so many wonderful posts on your blog. It is going to take me a long time to get through it all. This is really a post full of wisdom and is just great. I especially like this part:

    “Then learn to protect yourself. I find that focusing on my own good heart and my positive spiritual contacts is far more successful than putting up shields or protection against the others.”

    I have healed some things in my life, but waking up to the evil of aliens/government projects/satanists, etc. has left me a bit paranoid and wondering about what is best to protect myself, so to hear your post about using your own good heart and positive spiritual contacts was a relief for me because it is more my speed.

    Thank you for all of this:).


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