Summary of 18 Months as an MK Subject

I just created a log of all my anomalous experiences of the last 18 months and discovered the following:
1) I’ve had 98 experiences, some of them with as many as 5 clustered in a larger event, but most of them single. Some of them have had long-lasting effects, though counted only once.
2) 12 experiences left visual, photographable marks on my body.
3) 21 left pain or other sensation.
4) 11 involved physical changes in my home (not including four computer anomalies).
5) 13 involved other people, ten of which felt definitely negative.
6) 13 involved extreme exhaustion (and many more exhausted days, I believe, were not noted because of my exhaustion).
7) 3 times I experienced unusual positive energy.
8) 15 had no explanation I could think of that was not negative.
9) 80 I could imagine a positive or neutral explanation for, even if it involved a dislocated vertebrae or other major pain or grief (trying to not judge mysteries “negative”).
10) 3 felt clearly positive.
11) Monthly, the number of events ranged from 0 to 17.
12) My worst short stretch of time involved 13 experiences in nine days.

The “highlights”  (Described on YouTube)
dsc013571) I woke up Tazer-burned, exhausted, and sick with anxiety, November 28, 2010.  (See “Photo History.”)
2) Old high school classmate called, Jan 16, 2011; told me he had written a story about me as Mormon mind-controlled assassin; remembered me in sexual event, whereas I don’t remember even dating him.
3) 2 scoop marks in finger; cut high inside/beside my clitoris; portable door lock broken, all Feb 8, 2011.   (See “Photo History.”)
4) 2 evil-feeling people come into my life; one had bad sexual vibes toward a child, March 5-7, 2011.
5) 4 “mind fk” communications in 8 days: 1 public accusation, 1 spiritually accusatory email threatening my life (took to police), and 2 anonymous: one email warning me that my partner is CIA, and one postal letter telling me how to spiritually protect myself, but warning me that it might not be possible, that my soul might be lost, all between Sept 7-14, 2011.
6) Many physical injuries, including a displaced C2 vertebrae, Oct 22, 2011, which continues to be a problem in April 2012.
7) Amazing 1 1/4″ perfectly spherical, beautiful blob of strange non-mucous falls from my sinus into my mouth, Jan 25, 2012, and is followed by a lung infection for over two months.
8) Something too personal to share, but which seems the worst of all.
9) Overall: lots of physical pain and exhaustion, 18 months of ringing ears, and an apparent neck injury.
10) And a few dozen other “lesser” events, but weird….

You can see me talk about this on my YouTube channel:  (Look below the feature at top for “MK Summary” and “MK Summary pt 2.”)

Sometimes I wonder how I keep going.

As you can imagine, I’m stressing.  I hope you’re better.  I’ll be in prayer.

Some of this is detailed in my “Photo History” page, tabbed at the top.

6 thoughts on “Summary of 18 Months as an MK Subject

  1. balanceenergies

    Hi Jean…i have been helped greatly by these blogs over the last, i think 7 or so months…(there is that pesky poor historian again)…i almost feel safe and hope when i post, it is in the right place to be safe…blogs are fairly new to me being an old(er) woman…….and a no tech……all i know is, i have a sense of where to let some of it go….if i can get it out….and when you cried in your youtube vid…that was true, raw emotion …i went through years of serious depressive episodes which in a minor form still annoy me time to time ..but not nearly like in earlier days, thank goodness….thankyou for your writing….i am hoping i can get it together to get it together to start a journal…where the hell do you start ?…….Miranda and Duncan have helped me a lot by being able to let a few things out…even my expletives which i know make some cringe…specially from an old(er) type…lol…………..take care…i am listening and have wide, strong shoulders….else how could i have gotten to be almost 64…..and still on the sanity trolley–more or less…sometimes less than more……………….love from cat

    1. Jean Eisenhower

      Yeah, the question of knowing when we’re safe online….

      I just like to think (pray) that even the functionaries spying on sites like mine could be changed, because they are also trapped and afraid, so maybe we can convince them deep in their hearts to help the system crash from within whenever they’re given their chance.

      So I risk my safety, to talk to people like you – and even those we might be afraid of.

      I don’t think a people ever became free by being afraid.

      Onward ~


      1. balanceenergies

        I made a BIG move for me….the other day, i put up a pic of myself on Gravatar…been wrestling with that for quite a while……but i did it…sounds easy enough, but was a biggee for me….if other people can do it, well i can also ! i pretty much lost 2 days and having a problem trying to get it straightened out in my head….perhaps it will never come back…….take care……cat

  2. leyla48

    You have support with many people…I am one of them. I thank Duncan for directing me to your blog. I’ll be reading your posts and hopefully you can feel my friendship in positive thoughts and blessings. Rainbow

    1. Jean Eisenhower

      Thank you, Rainbow. I feel the support of everyone.
      I am feeling much better, and am expecting a healing event is unfolding – typical following the sort of despair I described earlier (especially on my YouTube channel “MK Summary pt 2” – maudlin? I don’t know, but I felt the need to be honest about this.)
      Again, thank you and everyone who has written.


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