New Scoop Marks

April 9, 2012, I discovered two new scoop marks, slightly smaller than the scoops in my finger last year (See “Photo History” page), plus a scrape above one, which I photographed as soon as I was conscious of them, in the evening.

Curiously, as soon as I discovered it in the evening, I recalled having scratched it in the morning as I was walking toward the open front door of my house and thinking, “Oh…that...” as if recalling some event.  But I have not been able to recall what might have made the marks or what I was thinking when I said “Oh that.”

It feels like one of those mysterious times when I’ve been made amnesic, but have bits of memory bleed through.

You can see that the round scabs are slightly misshapen, with the cut above one, but with no other gouge effects or rips or tears of the skin, that might indicate they came about by some sort of minor accident.

And they are nearly identical in size and even their slightly imperfect shapes are very similar, as though made by the same tool.  While there is a slight redness around the one on the left, there is no swelling or other sign of infection or histamine reaction which might indicate a bug bite, though these do itch slightly now and then.

I’d love to remember how they were made, or even come up with a logical explanation other than this mystery.  (I’ve been making excuses for weird bruises and marks on my body all my life.)

We could theorize, for instance, that since I have dissociative events that I might have done it in any number of ways and I just can’t remember – a decent theory, except that I don’t have dissociative events, except when I’m intentionally triggered to have them.  My life is not that chaotic.

Whoever does this to me (a professional mind controller, I presume) is apparently trying to keep it “quiet” and manageable for me, and they (courteously?) plan their work for times when I’m “free”; I do not have dissociative events just any time.  And most of the time, the amnesic events are at night when I usually don’t notice the discrepancy between the time slept and any sleep deprivation – though I often do notice, especially when I also wake with body marks like these.

So, I don’t believe it was a random mark left during a natural dissociative event – though it’s a reasonable theory and one I considered, but dismissed.

I definitely believe it’s a waste of my energy to get emotional over these mysteries, because they’re only mysteries right now, not threatening in any way that I understand.  Of course, I’d like to understand, but until I do, I’m just getting on with my life – but documenting.

I talk about the emotional part of this in my video about it, “New Scoop Marks to Document,” beneath the feature video:

2 thoughts on “New Scoop Marks

  1. balanceenergies

    i rather feel the same way Jean…just have to keep on with everyday stuff, whatever that may be…what else can we do? i have had many marks etc. for many years…my friend has some memories of faces etc…i do not…just screen stuff……….so i remain functional, at least to most peoples minds….who are not remotely close to me…and i am trying to open my heart to life and it is hard right now, but i know is necessary………i have had yrs of stuff i just put into the ‘stuff file’…that is where i am at now….just being totally honest………..take care…cat …and if i have repeated myself…well, what can i say…..good memory-just short……….

    1. Jean Eisenhower

      Keep up the “stuff file.” Maybe begin to organize it, look for patterns, see what it prompts.

      And maybe you can get help figuring out how to upload your stuff. There are others who collate the info, and it could help others.

      And take care of yourself. Gentle, gentle.



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