Old Bits from Whitley Strieber and Jacques Vallee

Recently reading a few “old” books has brought interesting new tidbits into my life – which I thought I’d share here.

The first is from a blog by Whitley Strieber, which I printed and put in a folder back in 2006, linking alien contact with mind control research:

“I think that my experience of the Capture House goes back to childhood, and that it is the foundation of all of my life at the edge of reality, and that I am presently in the process of rediscovering it, and perhaps learning how to link my lives in different realities so that I can have a single, integrated set of memories that includes everything that I have done and known in the years of my life.”  [my italics – I feel I’m still struggling to link my lives.]

A couple of pages later, he goes on:

“Recently, the Central Intelligence Agency released another 18,000 declassified documents about its mind control experiments, which included an attempt to induce multiple personalities in two 19-year old girls.

“Before the 1973 Congressional Investigation that led to the disclosure of the CIA’s notorious MK-ULTRA mind control project, DCIA Richard Helms destroyed thousands of documents.  My belief is that what he destroyed was documentary evidence of such experiments being performed on much younger children.”  [He’s not the only one to think this.]

I’ve also re-discovered Jacques Vallee, the French scientist-philosopher who was one of the earliest scientists to speak out extensively about alien races on Earth and “UFO’s.”   He also seemed to have a natural understanding of multidimensional realities.  In Forbidden Science:  Journals 1957-1969, he wrote:

“Our scientists, romantics of the Sputnik era, may speak eloquently about the future, but they fail to see the mysteries buried in the present; infinity brushing against us in the anonymity of crowds, galactic trapdoors at the street corner….”

Galactic trapdoors at the street corner?!  There’s a man who might understand my life!

When he was young and just married, he wrote about his relationship with his wife:

“It is as if we were marching towards another world, and as if we knew that other individuals throughout the Earth are going in the same direction to meet us there.  Perhaps we are going towards Paul Eluard’s ‘other universe’ which, as he says so eloquently, ‘lies within this one.'”

Ah, yes!  Other realities right here.

One of my favorite passages in his book is a quote from a psychology professor at the Sorbonne, Rene Zazzo:

“Nothing is obscure except through our ignorance; nothing is fantastic except through our terror.  It is by refining our reason that we will discover the laws and rhythms of those things that are still hidden, not by some indescribable experience, some vague ecstatic intuition, some Dionysiac drunkenness….”

…to which I add:  but our refined reason may indeed verify those indescribable experiences and ecstatic intuitions (maybe first experienced in some Dionysiac drunkenness).

Vallee responded to Zazzo:  “But our terror is a force that propels us forward.  This new terror may be the most dynamic, generous attribute we have, and the only thing about us which is still pure.”

Most generous attribute?  I don’t know about “generous.”  But it does propel us.

He also quoted the French philosopher-psychologist Aime Michel:

“Any progress of mind consists in gradually stripping away the preconceived ideas, the systems you have inherited.  You are right to stir all that up.  But do not expect to find the idea that will reassure you, “the Truth” if you will.  Above all, Truth means understanding why we don’t understand.  Wisdom is to be able to measure what is certain and what is uncertain in science, a feat most so-called ‘scientists’ are incapable of accomplishing.”

Vallee described growing up in France during World War II and how it prepared him for his work in revealing truths others tried to ignore:

“For a five-year-old child, the spectacle of war was a fantastic game, a splendid education in the unreliability of the world.  I remember the [railroad] rails being thrown up in the air like matchsticks.”

And my final favorite quote:

“It is very important to refuse to take any of the predetermined paths society offers us.  There are no predetermined paths in nature, only relativity of directions and goals.  True initiation deals with the Whole, and with Love.”

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