1 thought on “Ugh… Feeling Retribution…

  1. Jean Eisenhower

    I had recently filed a formal complaint against a local doctor, and had also visited the local sexual abuse services office to talk about it, and in the process explained a little of my history. The very next day I was “hit” – maybe a coincidence, but I was certainly “hit.”

    Then after two days of dragging around, even backing out of a few commitments in which people really needed me, I fell into bed Sunday night expecting to sleep deeply from my exhaustion, but instead…. after an hour and 45 minutes, I woke up with an incredible sensation of having experienced an “oppressive” vibration having been turned OFF – blessedly off. At 10 pm, after two horrible days and poor sleep, I woke up and felt bright, and refreshed. Strange! But that’s the life of an MK subject, it seems.


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