New Video Page

Hi Friends,

Many new improvements on my site!  New organization, new material, new look!

Among them:  a new video page – with almost a dozen videos watchable right there!

I Was OneThe first video, lovingly and artfully crafted back in 2010, went immediately viral, with a thousand hits both the first and second week, and continues to get shared and viewed widely.

body marks stillThe series of videos, each 5-8 minutes long, I produced to provide a simple overview of criminal mind control, multiple personality disorder, and my healing work.  There’s an introduction, and each subsequent video covers briefly one subject:  my experience with MPD; my experience with MK; reasons I believe I was chosen; marks left on my body; memories from childhood; a reading of the first chapter of a friend’s book which sets the scene quite well for mind control in American history; and my immediate recounting of a cathartic healing event.

terrence mckennaAnd then there’s 35 more videos by others, which link to YouTube – but one click and all 35 are lined up and ready to watch or choose from:  Terrence McKenna, Colin Ross, Travis Walton, and many others speaking on American culture, mind control, and other related topics!

I hope you’ll visit!

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