Can the Horrors of Halloween Drain Away, Leaving Room for Fun?

I only realized this year (age 62) how October has NO FEELINGS associated with it – when actually it should be associated with GORGEOUS weather, a perfect time to be outside enjoying the last flowers, the last harvest, the last of certain bird species, and on and on, not to mention getting the gardens ready for winter. Instead, I’ve been staying indoors and missing it all – “forgetting” – until someone helped me realize this recently. Yeah!  So yesterday, I spent an hour in the evening in the garden. Hope this helps others.

Discussing Dissociation

Fun caterpillar pumpkins, found on the SJCPL Blog Fun caterpillar pumpkins, found on the SJCPL Blog

For most dissociative trauma survivors, Halloween is a difficult time.

Halloween is an expansion filled with horrific memories, vivid flashbacks, overwhelming darkness, and uncomforted fear.

Internal systems flip and change, with those typically lodged in the back finding their way to the front, making the usual everyday feel completely different from before. Working with these dark parts is essential for healing. They may frighten you, but they need your patience, understanding, and compassion for having survived the horrors they had no choice but to endure.

Living through the Halloween season with active PTSD and heavy traumatic overtones may be as delicate and sensitive as fighting for one deep breath after another.

It hurts. It’s scary. It’s confusing.

For survivors with Dissociative Identity Disorder, and survivors of Ritual Abuse, the pain is real, and the struggles last year after…

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