First “Sunday Summary of Soul Healing” – new weekly feature

reunion cropThis Sunday Summary of Soul Healing I intend to make a weekly series, featuring the most significant of my week’s journal entries including spiritual experiences, disturbing anomalies, accomplishments, and progress on my Big Questions.

(My poll here last week said that “personal experiences” was a major interest of my readers.)

I plan to keep it short and to the point.  So here goes….

Note:  This first Sunday Summary will cover the previous two and a half weeks, rather than one weeklaying a better foundation for the weekly series.

My last journal notebook ended with 2 Big Questions, one of which was:  Is mind control “just what is” and we should all learn to accept it?   (This is not as depressing a proposition as I’ve mused on it – but I’ll get to that soon.)

~ This journal began with a bang:  October 9 I was so speedy (and I drink no caffeine), that I couldn’t believe how much I was getting done, though I was happy about it.  Eventually I began to worry about myself.  (Getting seriously manic?  Will I become seriously depressed next?  I’m usually a highly productive person, as I was trained to be, but this is over the top!)  In the evening, I was embarrassed when my daughter came over with a friend and I was not just chatty but practically performing a humor routine while cooking and having a blast!  Not me

The next day I crashed and for the next 9 days, my sleep was extremely erratic – anywhere from 4 hours to 11 hours, but my days were approximately normal.  Then…

Yet another.  Always the same:  small, in the flesh of my thigh.

Yet another. Always the same: small, in the flesh of my thigh.

~ Disturbing anomalies – three new hypodermic bruises (they seem to me, or they could be Taser marks, as they often seem double) appeared where they usually do – on one of my thighs.  I discovered this on the 18th – though it might have been there earlier.

two bruises

Circles indicate location. (One of them is actually a double bruise.

On the 19th, I discovered two more, and one was clearly double, and I had no energy, just drug around all day in a stupor.  And both days, I ignored my notebook journal all day long.

IMG_1724[In case new readers think these tiny bruises are “nothing,” I have to say I would agree except for the context:  I’ve woken with many hundreds of weird marks on my body in the last decade, including healed surgical scars, Taser burns, weird donut-shaped bruises, and more (check my “Photo History” and “Summary of 18 Months as an MK Subject“), not to mention all the other evidence of mind control.]

~ A lifelong recorder of my dreams, I’m still experiencing long periods of not being able to remember any – and I worry the controllers are keeping me from remembering them, since I believe they’re important to my healing.  I even told some dreams to my partner – instead of writing them down – and then promptly forgot them!  And then he couldn’t remember either.

~ Energy infusion – October 20, sitting at my computer, I had what I call an “energy infusion,” in which energy pours into me with such power, I have to stop what I’m doing and just receive it.  It feels great, not frightening at all, and usually I just get back to work, as I did this time.  In the past, these experiences have sometimes resulted in fascinating conversations with spiritual beings offering me good counsel.  Perhaps I had a conversation but don’t remember.

hulk(Context:  In the past, when I’ve tried to describe the sensation, the only thing I could compare it to in our spiritually-compromised culture was my old memory of Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno in the 1978-82 TV show, The Hulk, when energy would pour into Bill’s character, causing his back to hump up and his arms and legs to tighten, just before the Hulk went on a rampage to right some intolerable injustice.  In my book, I flippantly called my energy infusion events “the Hulk routine” because the energy download flows powerfully into my muscles – and I can’t stop it.  But, as I said, it feels great.  Afterward, I feel energized and rejuvenated.  When others have been around and have seen the energy contort my muscles, I’ve usually tried to disguise it and have occasionally moved as if spontaneously deciding to stretch, once danced with it, and at least once posed, trying to hide behind a little humor, a bit like Lou Ferrigno is here, sans roar, and without ripping my clothes or turning green.  I’m shy about these events – have never heard anyone describe anything like this, so this is only the second time I’ve written about them.  Sometimes, the experiences have come with profound healing events.  Once, I suddenly felt the presence of teenage-aspects of me, a lot of them, all wounded and crippled, suddenly released and sorta milling about in me, then whoosh, they began to flow up and out into another dimension, freeing me of all their pain and confusion.  I then called in Goodness and Healing to fill the space.  Once after an infusion, I sensed a spirit who seemed very familiar, existing in other dimensions, and I asked her, “Who are you?”  She didn’t answer (or I was programmed to forget), but she gave me one bit of advice:  “You gotta buff up.”  The jargon was so unexpected, it struck me as very funny.  But, since I had gotten out of shape and overweight, I answered, Okay, and have been working to keep on a better health regimen now.  I have no idea how many energy infusions I’ve experienced – I’d have to read a few dozen hand-written journals to make a count, and I’m not going to do that any time soon – and I probably don’t write them all down, they’re that common – but it’s been a few dozen anyway.)

faerieA few minutes after the energy infusion, I experienced a fairy-like being dancing near me, even inside my aura, in another dimension.  I love those experiences!  I didn’t get or don’t remember any particular message, but I sure appreciate it when they drop in.  Continuing to feel great, I worked again until 5:30 in the morning.

~ Two days later, I “crashed” and felt sick all day.  Then I was back to normal.  The day after, though, I felt okay until l tried to meditate or pray.  My writing turned from sad to musing on being off this planet and out of this life as a mind control subject – I used the word suicidal (not uncommon) – but I recovered and got myself back to normal.  In bed that night, I received another energy infusion that went on unusually long, and I directed it into a spontaneous yogic stretch exercise, for ten minutes or more, which felt extremely healing.

Unfortunately, as I began to communicate with my Spirit Family, I experienced something not uncommon that I interpret as communications-jamming from the controllers:  black and white films (seemingly chosen randomly from old libraries) played on top of each other in my mind’s eye while I tried to connect with Family.  (The films are varied and nothing from my own life:  from dusty street scenes in third-world nations to boating trips involving people I’ve never seen.)  As I wrestled to clear my energy field, I saw my aura being pulled out of my body while an idea teased that I could leave this life now if I wanted.  I had to do spiritual warfare to keep my body and spirit together and drive the vision away.  This weirdness is intense and also pretty routine – I seem to be developing skills to cope with it – so I accomplished the feat, went to sleep, and the next day was “normal.”

~ During this time, I mulled over – a lot – a blog I’ve been thinking of posting, titled, “Mind Control:  Just What Is?”  The idea continued to pester me, and grieved me at the same time.  Just now, I discovered it was already posted (last April!) and read it again and think it’s well worth discussing.

monkey2~ Related to that, I’ve been mulling over a question I’ve actually been asking myself for at least a year or more:  Is the way controllers treat their mind control subjects like me no worse than most of humanity treats other animals (either directly or complicitly through tax dollars and no objection)?  I believe the answer is yes.  And then I’ve asked my journal, Does that mean we’re not necessarily dealing with “Evil” from an external source as many claim (Satan’s demons spawning Satanists, Illuminati, and murderous psychopaths in secret government programs), but just dealing with a fractal-like manifestation of our own human selves, macrocosm reflecting our microcosm?  And the corollary:  If we, collectively, learn to treat animals and the planet better, might other humans stop creating and abusing mind control subjects?  

I have partial answers to these questions, hinted at in “Mind Control:  Just What Is?”, but there’s more complexity I need to introduce soon.  For now, I’ll leave you with this “Summary” and welcome your observations and questions.

(Lest this all sound too wacky for you and you want to write it all off – wait!  Perhaps your world view (your paradigm) could use some stretching.  To that end, you might want to read my pages “Multiple Personality – Not Crazy,” “Jean’s Spiritual History,” “Mind Control Defined,” and/or my business site,, with a fairly extensive history of my accomplishments in business, activism, and the arts.)

I also plan to write a Friday weekly series on folklore, history, religion, culture, cosmos, and spirit – as they relate to mind control, multiple personality, and healing – starting this Friday.  Any ideas for the series title?  Philosophical Friday?  Fundamental Friday?  Foundational Friday?  Friday Folklore and More?

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