Aliens in American History, Sophia, and our Evolution – a ramble

philip_corso_2_259x200Written long ago, forgotten, discovered….

Philip Corso, Sr, National Security Advisor to President Eisenhower, said “those of us in the military… had negotiated a kind of surrender with them as long as we couldn’t fight them.”

Leaders were forced to negotiate the bad deal “because they knew what we feared most was disclosure.  Hide the truth and the truth becomes your enemy.  Disclose the truth and it becomes your weapon.  We hid the truth and the [extra-terrestrials] used it against us.”  [bracketed words not mine, but in my source]

Artist's interpretation of Archons

Artist’s interpretation of Archons

[*Can anyone find out what Corso actually said in place of “extra-terrestrials” inserted in brackets?  Aliens?  or Archons?  I wonder.]

Other researchers add that part of the negotiation gave the aliens right to use a certain number of humans for certain purposes; assertions are made that the aliens have regularly overstepped their  agreements and used humans in ways not agreed to.

Both reptilian and fetal-like aliens are supposedly connected to mind control, and somehow I was put in their program as a child, perhaps because Mormons are in league with them, and my family was jack-Mormon (fallen away) married to non-Mormon, but we were accessible, as we attended church now and then when pressured.  In addition, my pediatrician was Mormon Addison Udall, cousin of Secretary of Interior Stewart Udall, who was also our neighbor for a short while (immediately following my 2 years’ amnesia, presumably in mind control).  And both my parents had had childhoods in which they were separated from their parents during young, critical years, a situation often linked to childhood mind control subjection.

I have amnesia at the same age as other mind control subjects (and similar to my parents’ separation from their parents).  And my kids were taken from me during approximately the same years.  Mind control is worked most intensely within families.

The specter of it sometimes blows me away.  But I always pull myself back together and remind myself that we don’t see the whole picture, as we’ve been culturally numbed from experiencing the other dimensions.  In response, I remember my infinite spirit and my soul family, and I reconnect and strengthen myself.

I’ve seen “many things” (as prophesied to me once) and wrote about them in my book, “RattleSnake Fire: a memoir of extra-dimensional experience.”  I know I have helpers on other realms, in many forms.

I used to love to go into the spiral at night when I was a child, anticipating my loving family – but only when they opened the door for me.  And as an adult I’ve come back from a trip into the sky, babbling gratitude, unable to stop, laughing at myself for my continued babbling, but terrifically happy and in love with the cosmos and the powerful connections that I have there.

So I don’t worry about Archons or aliens too much.  But I should probably not forget them either, as they still interfere in my life.  But not mortally so.  It always results in a spiritual wake-up, which I evidently need.

In my reading, I’ve come across the work of John Lamb Lash, who quotes Carl Jung, Carlos Castaneda, and Jacques Vallee – three writers I’ve long trusted.  He says our protection is in the Goddess Sophia – interesting, because I’ve had a difficult time with “the Goddess.”

This is very hard to admit, and I’ve known it was probably part of my mind control.  The result is, as much as I love my garden, I resist going out there to just sit because the plants talk to me too much!  The trees send me healing energy so powerful it makes me want to weep.  And I don’t want to weep, as it triggers too much pain.  Plus they tell me to be still, and I have a hard time sitting still.  Maybe I’m more afraid than I’ve wanted to admit.  And so I avoid even my own garden sometimes, and definitely ignore any Goddess Sophia.

Nearly the entire government is infected by the destructive energies, such is banking, medicine, education, religion, and all the industries of popular culture.  And it seems there is a concerted effort to kill all the life on the planet, with poisons, nuclear waste, “death genes,” sonic “experiments,” HAARP, industrial over-harvesting, and more, none of which politics can touch.

So what do we do?

One of the essays I found said that Sophia’s gift is to help us imagine.

And I do.  But there’s a problem when people only imagine the Light and refuse to look at the Dark.

We need more warriors willing to look at this problem of mind control and dark energies running our government and every aspect of culture.

We need to look for their weakness, which some writers say is their arrogance, hiding the fact that they really don’t know everything.

And we need to remember our power, that we are far more powerful than we’ve been allowed to remember.

We’ve forgotten that we have extra-dimensional capabilities as well as extra-dimensional allies.

It seems we could be losing this fight on Earth, given the massive web of interrelated environmental, economic, societal, even geological problems presenting right now.  And maybe this is the end of a chapter of human evolution:  we’ll learn our lessons, the planet will go into upheaval, and all will start over again with plate-techtonics, earthquakes, and polar shifts.

While this doesn’t feel like a terrible thing, mind control continuing wherever is a terrible thing.

Some say the Earth is moving into a dimension that could split us, like a prism splits a light beam into colors of different wavelengths, and those who vibrate at a higher frequency will split off into one dimension, and those who vibrate at lower frequencies will go into other dimensions, the Earth maybe continuing on into two different timelines.

In our timeline, what shall we do?  I think we’re well-experienced enough to realize that we need a new mutually-cooperative manner of decision-making (a new politics), new ideas around money (whether to use it or not), personal responsibility, technology, community, communications, extra-dimensionality, and so much more.

This is, I believe, where Sophia’s creative imagination comes in.

And we have to imagine a way to deal with certain of the aliens.  Do we banish them or integrate them?  Teach them or offer to help them evolve?  Offer amnesty or bind them and throw them into hell?  What do we imagine?

One writer described his perception of the reptilian energies in a manner that strongly paralleled my perceptions:  powerful, ancient, and evil.

But one of my reptilian experiences had another angle: the being actually helped me and my former partner, though in a manner that seemed insulting to my boyfriend at the time.  In retrospect, it was a Trickster-sort of lesson, and in the end good for us both.

So, is there something about the contrary alien energies we can benefit from?  I know some criminals think they’re doing the world a favor by teaching stupid people not to be so gullible, and they laugh about it.  Could it be that the entire dark energy field is a field for teaching and helping stupid humans evolve?



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