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Last month, I followed an urge to produce a new series of 9 videos, most 5- to 8-minutes each, called “Multiple Personality, Mind Control, and My Story.”  The parts are:

Part 1 – The Overview

Part 2 – My Experience as a Multiple Personality

Part 3 – My Reading of the opening chapter of “A Certain Girl” by Ann Diamond

Part 4 – My Experience as a Mind Control Subject

Part 4.1 – Why I Was Chosen for MKULTRA

Part 4.2 – My Childhood Memories of Mind Control

Part 4.2b – More Childhood Memories of Mind Control

Part 4.3 – My Physical Evidence of Mind Control

Part 5 – Mind Control and “Aliens”

Part 6 – Spirituality and Healing (to be completed)

The series begins here:

In addition, I just uploaded an almost-3 year old video, “Healing Event 2011,” I made of an extemporaneous pouring out of my heart after I’d had a spontaneous catharsis (or “healing event”) when we’d just set up a video camera to record a music practice.  Instead, I recorded this (and edited it not a bit):

* explanation of the cathartic event (remembering mind control in childhood)
* explanation and description of the physical effects of the catharsis
* an attack of jaw pain, repression of remembering, knowing there’s more
* why and how I recorded myself now
* terrorism and suicide
* others are worse than me
* circumcision, as example of culture’s willingness to torture even children
* death of partner’s ex
* death threats and other weird communications recently
* cultural “purpose” of mind control
* death of people who publish on this subject
* no one wants to hear, and how I came to remember
* what it’s like to be MP
* reason to live, belief in transformation
* need for others to face this, even though some won’t
* prophesy
* gratitude for those who can hear
* culture’s need for compassion and speaking truth
* appreciation for activism, others and mine
* warning:  need to be aware of environment to survive

I hope this video helps others recovering from intense mind control feel not so alone.  And I hope it encourages others who haven’t suffered like this to understand that mind control is a very powerful force in our world and shouldn’t be ignored the way it is.

My “Healing Event 2011” video can be watched here:

(This information was posted earlier, but after a longish, philosophical opinion that might have kept readers from getting to this, so I’m reposting just the video information now.)

I’ve been getting thousands of views and lots of comments, communications, likes and shares, so if you missed you before, I hope you’ll watch the videos soon.

Thanks for caring.  The world needs greater awareness and caring.

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