My Health Care Directive

This document is to direct

my medical care

in the event I

am unable to speak

 for myself.

I hereby assert that God and I myself are my primary healers, along with food, herbs, prayer, angelic help, and other related elements and energies.

The American medical establishment has wounded me horrendously throughout my life (as a subject of childhood and ongoing mind control experimentation and subjection), so that my objection to their care is not simply philosophical, but based on personal experience, for which I would sue the medical organizations and individuals if I could, but since I probably cannot, I will simply, and with force, state my wish to have all persons who might have anything to do with my healthcare decisions to act so that I will not be forced to further suffer at their hands.

In the event I am ever unable to speak for myself and need medical care, I ask all involved to consult as many of my friends as are possible to select some number of herbalists and shamans as they think appropriate to oversee my care.

If an “establishment” medical professional is deemed necessary, his or her care must be outside any hospital or AMA-affiliated clinic. If it is deemed that I will die if I don’t enter a hospital or AMA-affiliated clinic, then I choose to die.

Other documents attest to my wishes to be provided painkilling medicines, which may be done outside a hospital or clinic.

These wishes are not to be circumvented by anyone without it being understood by all that: 1) my hospitalization is a kidnapping with probable other crimes associated, 2) I should be rescued, and 3) those responsible should be arrested and investigated for torture.

Sworn by all things holy,

Jean Ann Eisenhower

April 27, 2014

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