An International Organization to Oppose This Evil


I sure forgive everyone who chooses not to look at the subject of mind control and the torture and murder it entails.  Not everyone can.

And not everyone call all the time – for instance, me.  I’ve needed to take a lot of time off lately, until just recently, when Martin Luther King re-inspired me to speak my truth.

In response to my latest video (1,000 views the first day), many people have sent me words of support and links to more information, including these links:  and

The International Common Law Court of Justice website describes their purpose:

“The foundational purpose of the ITCCS is to unite survivors of genocide and child torture across borders, and to mount a broad political, spiritual and legal movement to disestablish the Vatican and other churches and governments responsible for historic and ongoing crimes against children and humanity.”

I’m extremely grateful to know of this movement, and encourage everyone to learn more.  I will be.

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