Back in the Light – from another dimension?

I feel as though I’ve come out of a hole, into the light again.

The event that triggered the week of darkness seemed so small:  just a couple of new scoop marks.  But those caused me to look at my last 18 months of anomalous experiences – so much, so traumatic, all at once, that I was truly overwhelmed to see and remember it all.

I felt stunned, trapped, caged, bewildered, overcome, and helpless.  Ready to give up the fight, leave the planet.

And now I’m okay and ready to fight to again.

What does it all mean?  Which is the real reality?

The darkness I experienced (and of which I photographed the results)?  Or this mundane “reality” in which I need to prepare for Earth Day, water the garden, hang out the clothes, and maybe watch the chipping sparrows which have recently shown up in the yard?  Both.

Obviously (to me), we do move between dimensions.  I live in this dimension most of the time, and I also get dragged – like Persephone – into hell, another dimension, for awhile, then released back here.  (Though some of the amnestic stuff happens very much on this dimension too, I assume.)

The multi-dimensionality of our world is the only explanation that makes sense to me.

Thank goodness even physicists say it’s the only way that they can explain the world too!  (It’s nice to have science agree with us sometimes.)

So we all have the challenge of learning to live in both worlds and make sense of it – without any help from the dominant culture.

We’ve not been trained in extra-dimensional negotiations; to the contrary, we’ve been trained to believe it doesn’t exist, so the few of us who have an inkling about the other realms usually don’t have an easy time finding guidance and may think we’re on our own, or may follow some false guru down a crooked path.

But we do have help.  Problem is, our Help is on other realms populated with other beings, some of whom are Not Help.

So we must build our spiritual connections with family in the other dimensions.

When Christ (supposedly) said we would “do all these things and more” [healings, etc], I do believe he meant we’d learn to negotiate the other realms.  And I don’t believe he’d give us that challenge if there was no help.

I even had a “message” once that my most important work was to understand the bridge between these dimensions – in 1994 – 18 years ago!

Jean!  Wake up!  Honor your spiritual messages!  


Time to get serious.  This is not a game.  And it’s not a delusion I should ignore, despite my shrink’s assessment and common New Age advice to only look on the positive side.

It’s time to believe my own experience, and believe the physicists: there are more worlds here than just this one, and we need to learn how to protect ourselves from beings of the other worlds and how to connect with our help there.

Just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s okay to fail.

No slacking.

11 thoughts on “Back in the Light – from another dimension?

  1. Caroline K.

    Oh, Earth Day. Right. I used to live in Washington, DC, and in the DC area, and I loved going to Earth Day at the Smithsonian. It was great. I miss the Smithsonian Earth-Day gathering people, but I’ll have my own Earth Day here.

    Yeah, I feel like we have to set our intents to the Light/Love or to the dark; and whether we intend to Ascend/Fall.

    Love ya Jean:).

    P.S. Khris (Clandestinerage blog on Duncan’s site) listed some decrees for earth elemental healing (using whatever God deal you chose) on Sarah Stenga’s blog, under her posting for fairies. That’s kind of cool.

  2. Jean Eisenhower

    Yes, Caroline! (It’s so great to find people seeing and thinking in similar patterns.)

    I, too, feel that “radical break” time is imminent, with many of us about to fall or ascend. For this reason, I believe – wherever we think we are on the healing cycle – we must know with what energies (and divine help) we most desire to resonate, and then set aside our fears for a time and meditate on those most deeply-held desires.

    There is sunshine in my life (thanks!). Back pain also, but so much more to be grateful for – I could write a whole blog on the goodness, and maybe I will soon. Now, getting ready for Earth Day….

    Peace, love, and healing, to you, Caroline, and All ~

  3. infocyde

    Hey, I found your blog. I’m very interested (by way of bringing to light and ending, not participating in or condoning) MK Ultra and Monarch type activities. I’m also interested in helping it’s victims, but I’m just now learning about everything.

    There is a guy, a good Christian (a real one not a poser) who has counselled and helped many people heal from this type of thing. His name is Russ Dizdar. He is on facebook, it might be of interest to look him up. I don’t know him other than a few post back and forth, but he seems like a good resource.

    1. Jean Eisenhower

      Thanks for reminding me of Russ. I believe we’ve corresponded in the past.

      I hesitate to say much about Christ or Christianity (because of disinformation dogmas of materialism, racism, sexism, and violence), but I have come to believe that there is a very powerful spiritual being who once was called Christ and Jesus – who can be called upon for help.

      Since I have experienced personally that the multiple dimensions are filled with numerous populations, all with different agendas, it finally makes sense to me that we must decide with whom we will align – a simple political necessity almost, like choosing one’s citizenship – only on the “spiritual” planes, the multiple dimensions.

      And so, after all these years, the word “Lord” has taken on a whole new meaning that I understand in a whole new way (leader, teacher, chief) and can finally embrace.

      In fact, it is my daily meditation these days to affirm my alignment/kinship/submission to this Teacher of Peace and ask daily for his protection – though sometimes I forget, “slack,” listen to the reasoning (programmed?) that since I’m “praying always” (assuming intentions count), I don’t need to go through repetitive motions, blah, blah, blah. My work is overcoming this challenge, or otherwise understanding why I am sometimes still hurt.

      Perhaps I’m being extremely, stubbornly slow, but I really feel I’m supposed to learn this on my own, because the personal learning is of greater benefit than having someone give me a name to call on, a prayer, or ritual. I sometimes think the story of Jesus’ struggling 40 days in the wilderness means: It’s okay to struggle; it’s part of the learning.

      And it’s the reason that I only encourage others to not give up, know that others are also in battle, and find out for themselves.

      So, thanks, Infocyde (?), for reminding me of Russ. I’ll read some of his stuff again, and then probably continue on my solitary path, hopefully bridging the various spiritual philosophies with their doctrines that sometimes don’t relate, but should or could.

      Most of us here, I believe, are proponents of Peace and would follow that Teacher (or Teachers) if we could see clearly, beyond the dogmas. (Oh I have trouble with dogma! Even using names – Greek translations, for instance…. But I’m keeping an open mind.)

      Onward ~

      And thank you.

      1. Caroline K.

        This is a beautiful post:). I always feel like our relationship with the One/Beingness/God (and we chose whether it is of the light and of love) is ongoing because our experiences change all the time and so does our definition of the One/Beingness/God. I’m going through another rehaul, another redefining myself. You seem to be looking at something really particularly beautiful there Jean. With any luck, I will catch some of your goodness to incorporate into my own life:).

        1. Jean Eisenhower

          Thank you, Caroline, for the words “our relationship with the One/Beingness/God (and we chose whether it is of the light and of love) is ongoing because our experiences change all the time and so does our definition of the One/Beingness/God….”

          In one sense, this ongoing-ness is overwhelming (“What?! It’ll never end?!”), and in another way it’s a relief: it’s the way of all Life. Life is always changing and relationships too.

          I have a recurring vision/image of us all as specks of smoke in a rising swirl, always moving and changing, heading somewhere – but not so inconsequential. The smoke image is just from one perspective; from other perspectives, there is much more going on. But this one perspective I think is instructive – always moving, no straight lines, no simple directions to ask for.

          I believe if we keep sharing perspectives, even nebulous ones like these, we’ll find our ways.

      2. Caroline K.

        Yeah, me, too (those nebulous ones), Jean. Even when we feel lost, I don’t think we are. Yeah, I feel we don’t go in straight lines, sort of from one cycle to another. And since manifestation is entropic, we never really reach the nth degree of anything, we scrunch up and approach it, and then there is a radical break: fall or ascension, and I think we are very near that point right now. Hope there is some sunshine for you in this moment:).

  4. Kay

    Thank you so much for your post. It was exactly what i needed to read. I to have been in a dark place, a familiar place, not sure how or why i go their. I to know from experience that we move threw other dimensions and that something or someone is helping. I am not sure what it is that pulls me into that dark place, but, energeticly i can feel changes in my body first. Some times i am able to get threw it without moving into the dark place and feel a sense of relief and like i did it. When i am unable to do that then i become so mentally abusive to my self for allowing it to happen. So thank you for the words….just because its difficult doesn’t mean it’s o.k. to fail…..No more slacking ……Kay

  5. Jean Eisenhower

    Right on! Wish I’d put it so clearly.

    And thanks for the book suggestion. Sounds like it touches on something I feel stirring in my mind a lot lately – the nature and necessity of the shadow. Ugh. But ~

    Thanks a lot for writing.


    1. Caroline K.

      I really admire the work you’ve done for the environment. It makes you a really special person in my book. You are a force:).

  6. Caroline K.

    Hi Jean, I’m thinking the same thing. My spidey sense is telling me we are in an all-out spiritual war that is escalating, and it is not for the weak at heart.

    I am reading a book I got from Sarah Stenga’s (her blog connection is on Duncan O’finioan’s site) booklist called, “Romancing the Shadow.” It talks about how to deal with the reality of our shadows sides, and the reality of the shadow we live in currently which entails ritual abuse and aliens, and that most people aren’t dealing with because they aren’t dealing with their shadow sides, which everyone including gurus have.

    If people want to see it as business as usual (and I suppose in a way it is because the universe is that way), they can, but I think God/the Light/Beingness of Love is requiring that we wake up in order to reach a more enlightened state that is going to be made available to us. Reality seems to be full of nasty stuff, and ignoring it isn’t going to make it go away. I’m not saying it’s the only thing to focus on, but I think it requires awareness and being your own hero like you say.

    Just my two cents.


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