Inspiration from Whitley Strieber

I love this excerpt from Whitley Strieber’s upcoming book,
What is to Come: The Solution to the Communion Enigma,
which I transcribed from his audio recording on his website:

“[W]hat happened to me did not have an exclusively negative impact on my life.
In shattering the mirror of expectation for me,
it opened my mind to a hidden reality that has greatly enriched me.

“Had I not as a child been brutalized by whomever this was,
I don’t think I would have even been able to perceive the Visitors.
I would never have had the chance to do the impossible,
which is to have formed a relationship with them.

“Because I was so shocked in my childhood,
I lost my belief in the stability of the ordinary world.
I live in a permanent state of unease.
But also a permanent state of wonder.

“Ask any close encounter witness what is real.
They will tell you at once it isn’t what you see around you.
This world of pretense in which we live is just like a shattered childhood
— a very different place than it appears.

“We smile and pretend that all is well. But all is not well.”

I was also recently greatly supported
by listening again (twice!) to Whitley reading his book
Secret School, which can be heard in its entirety here, for free, beginning with part 1 of 18:

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