Everyone is mind controlled to some degree

Here’s a brilliant film – “Human Resources” – about mind control and economy,
from behaviorism (“Give me a baby, and I can make any kind of man”)
through industrialism to MKULTRA….
with music by Phillip Glass, Mozart, and Dylan…artful in every way…
astounding in the depth and breadth of truth conveyed and connections made.


(Bookmark it if you don’t have time, and make a note to go back.)

2 thoughts on “Everyone is mind controlled to some degree

  1. Pamela Leigh Richards

    You are an amazing lady over and over again Jean! Thank you for this one! A friend recommended this awhile ago and just now watched it from your link. Yes, it is brilliant and as I floated through the tough parts I knew about, with the atrocities that some humans and/or nonhumans in human form can do, and understand exist, the overall truth of it is revealing, exposing and enlightening and feel every single human being should watch it. Time to stop feeding the machine. It is already happening. Thank you! A brilliant Light, A shining Star, A beautiful strength with great courage you are. much love, pamela


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