Best Film! “Human Resources” by Metanoia Films

human_resources_filmThis is the best film I’ve seen in a long time – and it covers the most important subject to America and the world today (which happens to be my own personal most important subject):

“Brilliant…  Riveting…  The amount of material the filmmaker covers and unifies is astounding…  Human Resources diagnoses the 20th century.”

– Stephen Soldz, Professor, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis; President, Psychologists for Social Responsibility

At the beginning, I thought it was a little slow, and my partner was thinking he wasn’t in the mood for it, but we were both soon swept up in the film and at the end highly impressed (even though I “already know” all this stuff), and we plan to watch it again soon.

Can’t recommend it highly enough.

THANK YOU for watching it.  We all increase our spiritual and physical survival when we know the nature of our world.

(Oh, yes, and this site – – has six other films that all look excellent, one we’ve seen and will also watch again.)

Peace and healing to all.


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