Mind Control for Everyone, Pt 1:  Enforce non-communication

8 Steps to Enforcing Non-Communication between Humans:

1) Mis-educate in language and critical thought.

2) Educate differently among different groups of people.

3) Control definitions of words, excluding certain concepts, i.e., Pagan/Earth-based holidays.

4) Control history and stories for entertainment.

5) Tell stories at a very simple level, keeping standard for thinking low.

6) Make certain subjects, i.e., spiritual and political realities, taboo.

7) Make certain subjects, i.e., political revolt and natural healing, illegal.

8) Terrorize with mass torture and murder for ideas, i.e., The Inquisition, racial injustice, and war.


(Can you think of others?  Please comment below.)

Results:  Our ancestors were murdered for their spiritual and other beliefs, and we lost the critical wisdom of our wise ones.

We have been lied to consistently and taught, instead of how to learn, how to sit still, obey, and not ask questions.

We have been persuaded to not discuss with others some of the most important subjects for human consciousness and evolution that might be.

We are mind controlled.

Watch for those techniques in our world.  And do like Bob Marley:  “Emancipate yourself….”


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