The “Oh My God” Points – natural help for thinking clearly

I have been helped by Eden Energy Medicine in the past, which is simple and even instinctive (as in the example below).

It can be used with greater consciousness and intention for powerful healing effect.

Here’s one article from a recent Eden Energy Medicine newsletter, with the newsletter link below.

The “Oh My God” Points                        
Phil Noble/PA Archive/Press Association Images

For decades, Donna has been demonstrating from the stage that holding neurovascular reflex points on the head reduces distress. Points on the forehead and other areas of the head, when lightly held, bring back to the brain blood that had gone into the limbs and chest to support the fight-or-flight response. This allows you to regroup by using the intelligence of your brain rather than automated threat responses.

Up to 80% of the blood that is normally in the brain can be drawn away from it, making clear, rational thought impossible. Donna calls the reflex points on the forehead the “Oh my god” points, a phrase that often accompanies the spontaneous motion of the hand to the forehead.

She explains that this motion is automatic and instinctive, and that if you hold these reflex points for a couple of minutes while bringing a stress to mind, you defuse anxiety about the issue. You literally change the threat response that occurs in your limbic system, the part of your brain that governs emotions.

Teaching in Vancouver in February, after showing the “OMG points,” she also showed the points on the sides of the head and on the top of the head. Then one of the participants was on her computer during lunch and ran into the above photo, which she excitedly brought back to class. It illustrates just how instinctive the response is.

British soccer star Michael Owen (lying on the ground) had just missed a goal. He, his teammates, and his fans all have the same automatic response. The fellow in the yellow shirt toward the back was presumably rooting for the other team.

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