Psychopaths in the News

Psychopathology has been in the news quite a bit recently – but for the first time in human history, I believe, it is being associated with the richest and most powerful people on Earth.

The reason?

I don’t belief it’s because people have become more psychotic.  I believe we have just finally become aware.

The amount of psychopathology I see is enough to convince me that the prophesies are coming true now, and this is the Apocalypse, when the “veils shall fall from our eyes and we shall see clearly.”

Of course, no one has known exactly what it was that we were to see clearly.  I was imagining angels, not demons.  But now I’ve seen them both.

I assert that psychopathology is not just infecting our corporate and financial worlds, as is being asserted in editorials and on the Internet quite openly today, but is also common in our governmental, military, religious, media, and medical worlds.

I know too many people, besides myself, who have personal experiences with individuals or organizations in each of those worlds named above who can accurately be called a psychopath:  a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.

We’re talking torturing others to control their minds, destroy the planet’s ecosystems, raping children in vestries, creating pain with unnecessary medical interventions, stealing retirement funds and water sources, etc, in case you’ve missed the news.

If you didn’t miss the news, but didn’t realize that this behavior qualifies as psychopathic, well, that’s part of the mind control.  They’ve delivered the news in such as way as to normalize it.

How do we respond?

I suggest, when we experience psychopathology, we tell others about it, like birds in the trees, warning others of something dangerous in the neighborhood.  It’s only natural.   And it’s survival.

So speak your truth.  Call it as you see it.  It may be the key to our salvation.

And then turn your other energies to all the Good Things you can do to bless your neighborhood and world.  It’s a dance.  It’s aikido.  And it’s our destiny as co-creators of the world.

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