Sources of Power IV: Opposition

Every religion has a true foundation that has been skewed throughout history.  His story.

And every religion offers clues to our planet’s past visits by extra-dimensional and/or extra-planetary people.  And they’re also right that we are in a spiritual battle.

We may be someone’s stock.  And, we are half-creators.  It’s a dynamic struggle – just like Earth politics.  Just like all of life.

Earth politics flows directly from cosmic politics – what Alfred Webre coined exo-politics (nominated Word of the Year, 2005).

Since creation by our ancestors, we’ve been managed.  Some of whom make war amongst us, inventing political stories to explain their actions.

In the Annunaki version, one side of our creator ancestors would like to wipe us off the planet, and sometimes I don’t blame them.

Meantime, the other Annunaki brother has petitioned for us, sometimes convincing his brother to be lenient, other times helping the humans in ways that makes the first brother angry.  Many religions tell similar stories.

And we’re in the middle, responding to survive, or to get the most pleasure if that’s our ” fortune” – being part of the Military-Industrial-Information complex, for instance, oppressing the remainder of humanity through economic manipulations and war.

Opposition, though, might actually have utility – to us, as well as to them.

Opposition forces us to become something different from what we want to be.  Opposition forces change, and change is fundamental to our lives.

Sometimes, the opposition is horrendous and senseless, for which I have no explanation.  Whatever the purpose, opposition cannot be ignored.  Awakening to know one’s environment, including the predators, is a simple survival trait.  We should be glad to be made aware.

But our culture tells us there’s no one “above us on the food chain.”  So we don’t perceive our gardener-ancestors, putting us to work, taking what they need, experimenting, shepherding, killing, teaching (two sides of the family, remember).

These different stories we hear, of evil and good, seeming contradictions and arbitrariness, can all be explained by realizing that what’s out there – and hidden right here – in the multi-dimensions – the world of the alien gods – is not homogenous; it’s a teeming universe.  And some of it is opposed to us.

And we also have help.

So don’t be cavalier.  And don’t be afraid.

Just see.

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1 thought on “Sources of Power IV: Opposition

  1. Phil

    Obviously like all awakened people you are searching for the answers, and like the rest of us you understand how hard that can be. The truth of all things is so strange to the unawakened. Luckily our numbers are growing. In the end i know we will succeed. For what ever reason the deeper i dig the more comforted i get. The evil that reigns will not triumph. In this demension or any other dimension. In the long run you will have your peace and understanding, as will the rest of us who search for the truth.


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