Empowering “Daily Intentions” Self-Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and mind control do have history together, regardless that the profession often denies it.  Instances of unethical, even criminal, hypnosis have been recorded by US and European courts and medical authorities for over a century.  And CIA mind control researchers published extensively in the field of hypnosis in the 40s and 50s particularly.

So, why would I participate in this profession?  Because the tool of hypnosis is useful, like a knife or a vehicle, and can therefore be empowering.  It can help one understand the depth and power of one’s own consciousness, unconscious, and subconscious.  It can also impress one of the need to protect one’s mind from cultural and other programming – which are ubiquitous.

I also want to explore the potential for using self-hypnosis to protect oneself from cultural and other programming and possibly help one de-program oneself – or work with another to accomplish that.

Therefore, I renewed last week my “Transpersonal Hypnotherapy” (TM) certification.  I had been trained and certified in this spirit-acknowledging modality over six years ago, and I had a very successful first year, helping friends with various issues, for which I received immensely encouraging feedback, such as “This was the most important therapy of my life – and I’ve had lots! – because you helped me get in touch with my Inner Wise One!”

I just created my first new “Daily Intentions” self-hypnosis recording, which I’d like to share with others.  It is non-specific, leaving space for you to fill in your daily intentions, with spirit guidance and protection.  Please read the script (below) and mentally make any adjustments that you need.


Also, I want to strongly encourage anyone considering hypnosis to choose a professional who 1) uses “formal induction,” 2) works with you to create a script with all the elements that work specifically for you, and 3) records your session and lets you take it home immediately.  I’ll write more about these issues in a later post.

Meantime, here is the script for this session I originally created for myself.  Please read it first, and only use the recording (above) if you feel it is in your highest interest.

This is a “Daily Intentions” Self-Hypnosis by Jean Eisenhower.

Do not listen to this recording while driving.  Also know that you are free to accept or reject or amend all suggestions in this recording.

It’s time now to get into a comfortable position.  Uncross your arms and legs, and take a few deep, relaxing breaths.  Invite your spirit family to be with you now.

With each breath, notice how your whole body begins to naturally relax.  Any tension just begins to float away, like mist, and you release your breath in the same soft way.

Remember a time when, after a day of inspired, physical labor, you finally relaxed, allowing yourself to sit or lie down with no demands at all.  Your limbs are gratefully relaxed, and you feel that gratitude throughout your body, grateful for healthful rest.

Focus on your relaxation:  so easy… so natural… becoming more relaxed with each slow, deep breath – connected to your spirit family.

If you happen to relax so much that you fall asleep, you will hear the word “Now” and wake up just enough to focus again intently on your   intentions.

With every word, you are becoming more deeply relaxed and focused, with your mind intent on every aspect of your vision of change, evolution, growth.

Now, as you continue to breathe and relax, you find yourself able to focus intently on the vision you’ve created and for which you’ve asked for help and support of your spirit family.

Any sound besides my voice, such as footsteps, a doorbell, or siren, will only remind you that you can relax even more deeply, unless there is need to do otherwise.  Any unnecessary noises besides my voice will help you to relax more deeply, and more deeply.

Now….  This state of relaxation is so easy, so natural, it is fascinating to you to become more focused on your skill, appreciating that it also feels so good, is so good for you – physically, mentally, and spiritually – and you know that you can return to this state anytime, easily.  It is such a gift to give yourself, to be in such a beautiful state of healing rest, yet focused mentally, alert to your body and mind and your  spirit, all evolving toward your vision.

Now sense now the energy field that surrounds and encompasses your body.  Sense – or imagine – the connection between your body and the highest, most loving intelligence in the cosmos.  Now sense – or imagine – the connection between your body and the Earth.  See yourself as a beautiful energy stream, flowing from the Source of Loving Intelligence to this material plane which is this Earth, and back again.

You are a wonderful flow of intelligent, creative energy from Source to Earth and back.

Now….  the Source of Loving Intelligence shines a special light of protection through you – and around you.  Enjoy this beautiful, comforting, loving light.

And now….  Your spirit family focuses protection on you, freeing you from all old programming or new programming that does not serve your highest purpose.  Only those members of your spirit family who work in your best interest have any ability to direct or encourage your actions.

Now, any attempts by old programming, or any attempts by new programming, even cultural programming, from any source, will only make you aware of it, able to easily reject the commands and better understand your own independence and free will.

All old karma is now released.  You are free to act in accordance with only your own personal intention and the guidance of your spirit family.

Now, to reach the deepest levels of your knowing, we’re going to count from 5 to 1, and when we reach 1, you will be in your   deepest state of relaxation, open to the highest vision you have for yourself, open to the help of your spirit family who loves you and desires to fully support your highest visions.

Now, 5, relax just a little more deeply into your very focused attention, allowing the tiniest bits of unnecessary energy to float to away from you, allowing you to focus more and more your mind more clearly….

4 – You can relax now a little bit more, knowing that you are discovering your very wisest self, very much at ease.

3 – This deep relaxation and focused attention is so fascinating and feels so good, it relaxes you even more to realize, with gratitude, that you have the power to go to this deep, calm place of inner wisdom.

2 – In this deeply relaxed state now, supported by and protected by your spirit family, you have access to infinite wisdom to direct and empower your life for the Highest Good of yourself and others you care for.

1 – You are now in the magic place of intention, vision, and creation.

You have dreams and visions of what is the highest good for your life.  Take a moment now, and describe those dreams as they are now evolving and as you see them taking place in the future for the good of all.

Have confidence that your family, your spirit family, wants to hear your highest dreams, wants you to commit to them yourself with words – even if you might not see the entire picture, even if you would humbly prefer that they make these decisions.

If your spirit family’s perspective is larger and might not quite fit your vision, you are confident that they will lovingly incorporate aspects of your heart’s desire into the plan they know will help you best unfold your dreams, allowing you to see  the larger picture when the time comes and make adaptations.  This is the purpose of your daily meditation time with your spirit family.

Imagine your dreams coming true now.  Invite your spirit family to dialog with you.  Open your heart to receive what they have to offer.

Speak your dreams of accomplishment, power, love, joy, satisfaction, and service to self and others.  We’ll take some time now.

[pause 40 seconds]

You are grateful.

And now, it is time to bring your vision… your knowing… your perfect inspiration… gently, quietly maybe, really into your everyday world.

I will count now from 5 to 1 now to allow you to draw this vision back into tangible reality.

5 – you will remember everything you’ve heard, felt, and experienced here.

4 – you are satisfied, and gratified, to have felt and experienced the reality of your dreams, supported

3 – you are more in touch with the room now – and know that your dreams can be manifest in this world

2 – you are feeling more aware of everything around you, feeling your hands and feet, maybe wiggling them

1 – you are wide   awake again, your consciousness focused on your dreams evolving into our material world, this fantastic place of creation.  You are confident and feeling wonderful!

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