Life is a Series of Breakthroughs

I’ve often said, “Life is nothing if not a series of breakthroughs.”

Just hours after writing my last post, telling friends it was here and that I needed help, I had yet another major breakthrough of my life.

Computer turned off, I sat on my sofa, first feeling alone, but trusting, then imagined streams of light stretching out across the nation between myself and whomever might be praying for me.  And realized that we are a powerful network for each other!

Over these last decades, I’ve had many conscious experiences of my Spirit Help, which have amazed me, changed me, and made me think I’d never feel disconnected from them.  Yet, often I have felt disconnected, unable to find my way back.  I’ve often imagined my Spirit Help “out there,” unwilling or unable – perhaps prevented by spiritual adversaries – to come in close and connect with me again.

After my post, with you in support, I experienced my Spirit Help suddenly close again, actually inside my aura, inside my heart, in various places around me, depending on who they are.  Yeshua I felt literally in my heart.  Other powerful beings in his command reside elsewhere around me.  I spent quite awhile acknowledging everyone and checking in with what exactly is our relationship and how they are here to assist me.

When I lay in bed that night to sleep, surrounded by my cosmic tribe, our auras co-mingling comfortably, we seemed like a litter of spirit kittens, content, warm, fed, cuddling in ultimate comfort and security.  In “reality” (whatever that is!), it may be more true that I am like the single kitten in the comfort of many mothers, but in any case, I slept with a very sweet sense of security I’ve not often felt.  And it has stayed with me all week.  So, thank you, thank you, thank you all.

I’ve continued to pray nightly for all of you who wrote to say you were praying for me.  I love the image of our overlapping prayers wrapping light around our world as I drift into the Dreamtime.

6 thoughts on “Life is a Series of Breakthroughs

  1. Pamela Leigh Richards

    It is so beautiful to be able to share our’selves’ with others in the lap of love embracing the journeys ‘knowing’ and appreciating, respecting and having compassion for the boldness to move through it all in alignment with our energy. Everything is possible. And your kind’self’ Jean is another spark of Light awakening many by being heard. Thank you so much for sharing. The rewards of each step we make are infinite and we are all brave enough to take them. The little white thread of love permeates All and it is the little things in life that mean so much 🙂 In Silence or the quiet of the mind is where everything is done, including sending another pair of arms embracing Jean 😉 much love darlin’! pamela

  2. Mary

    Jean, what a beautiful experience. The way you describe the “litter of spirit kittens, content, warm, fed, cuddling in ultimate comfort and security” is just lovely. Thank you for sharing. Love you, Mary

    1. Jean Eisenhower

      Thank you, Mary. And that was not the “writer in me” coming up with that; I really did feel like I was surrounded by such intimate and natural closeness, that the image just was there in my mind, not while writing, but while lying there in my bliss. Fortunately, my sense of closeness and security remains. Maybe this is how the universe works: I had to experience the opposite in such intensity that I would accept this and not let it drift away as I had in the past. Why would I let it drift away?! I’m quite sure it was from my wounded sense of not being worthy so that my Spirit Help would not really want to bother with me, except now and then in emergencies. I’ve put that to rest! I so appreciate your sensibilities, Mary, the beauty your offer the world in your art. Love ~ Jean

  3. dar

    Hey Jean….i really think the vanguard to peace of mind as the saying goes, and more is in the active non-activity of praying. It’s like a condom for protection from all the potent living going on. lol….love you. Dar


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