Healing From the Treatment of Psychopaths

Wonderful stuff also keeps happening in my life!

Tuesday night, I healed a collection of alters, sort of a family, a stream, a lineage of wounded inner children who were forced onstage for the sexual entertainment of wealthy psychopaths.

The “child me,” I theorize, went blank at those times, and my empty beingness became a vacuum that drew in other energies.  Whether those energies were demons, daemons (human-god guardian spirits), “thought forms” projected by my captors, or my own creation to fill my dire need, something – no, some things – filled the gap and have ever after made my psyche different, and fractured.

Last Tuesday night, a whole network of wounded children were released, leaving an opening in me that was filled with joyous, beautiful light from my spiritual family.

Can you imagine how that might feel? I drafted my best description of the experience, and want my readers to know that I also have these good things happening as well, and I’ll be sharing this story very soon  It’s not all horror.

(And I believe it was this wondrous healing that gave me the strength to write about the dark stuff that I did on Wednesday – I needed to speak it for other aspects of my on-going healing.

(And I believe I also needed to speak it for you – as it relates to everything else in our political world.  Thank you for being strong enough to read this.)

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