Historic video on MKULTRA by ABC

In 1979, ABC did an investigative story, 47 minutes long and fairly comprehensive.  Those days, video production wasted no time, so this is dense, well documented, and powerful – even though the reporter denies the possibility that Mind Kontrol is happening, he clearly presents a case to make one believe it was – or would be soon.

This is the history foundational to my experience.  The woman patient, Val Orlikow, speaks for many of us, not eloquently, but with her attempts – the unspeakable incomprehension that someone could do this to us.

For many of us today, it’s all that plus two more incomprehensions that Val, fortunate for her, didn’t have:  She didn’t have people ignore her or tell her it didn’t happen.  And she didn’t fear that it would happen again tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and she was compensated, not only with affirmation and emotional support, but – I assume – with some sort of disability payments.  Few of us in the United States get what we deserve – not for our service, not for our healing needs, not for our retirement.  We are used and thrown away.

I try not to take it personally.  I think it’s just the times.  Everyone alive today is learning lessons.  I believe the point of our current cultural insanity is that we learn that capitalism, making money the bottom line of our life, will result in abominable treatment of humans by other humans, including attempts to control by all means.

Some of us were born into the heart of the Heart of that Darkness.  I trust and pray it is for some good purpose.  For me, I think, at least, it’s to let you know.


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