Prophesy and Money-ism

Wrote last June, just re-discovered:

I had a vision this evening of a cockroach burrowing into moist earth, working to turn dead things into more easily digestible other things to feed the roots of plants.

I “hate” roaches, but I saw tonight how essential they are to Life.  They’re the clean-up guys.

I wondered, “Why are you showing this to me?” and the answer came:

Because you humans are in the process of being cleaned up.

What?  Did I invent that last part?

What do you think?  Are humans in the process of being cleansed from this Earth?  Too many of us are too violent, reckless with the planet, and reckless with each other.  So, just like the Sumerian god Enlil and, later, the Hebrew god Jehovah both threatened, are our days numbered?  Will most of us be composted, like kitchen scraps, for roaches?

After those few survivors made it through the flood, so the stories go, neither Enlil nor Jehovah were too enthusiastic about giving humans another chance.  They agreed, but made it clear, especially in the Christian “Book of Revelation,” that we’re on probation.  Jehovah was going to see how we did for 1,000 years, and maybe he’d extend it another 1,000, but no more.  And here we are.

And now Dad’s not happy with our behavior.  And he promised to destroy us.

As should be, as any gardener knows.  Some crops you don’t want to save the seed from.  Some seed you burn, like Yeshua said.

Am I inventing this?  Please tell me I am.

Kissinger, I hear, called 95% of us useless eaters; and many forecast a 95% die-off on Earth soon.  And it sure seems they’re planning – no, executing right now – plans to assure the greatest certainty that most of us will die, with our food seeds infected with terminal genes, honeybees going instinct, and our water sources poisoned or polluted and recently mixed with oil from fracking operations all across our nation.  They’ve compromised all the most important aspects of our survival.

Reminds me of the tens of thousands of Sumerian clay tablets of history, in which the god Enlil intended to kill humans with a flood and did kill most, a story told all over the Earth, including in the Hebrew account.  Human remnants survived and promised to please their Creator, but I have a suspicion we have not.

Now, the threats of the gods always embarrassed me, especially as delivered by preachers –  but destroying our culture seems like a very appropriate thing to do, given that we’ve destroyed the environment and torment each other so.  It might be what I’d do if I were head gardener of Earth.

But I don’t understand how the people who are the worst offenders are doing the job that I imagine God would do.  Why are they playing the role of the Gardner’s plow?  

I trust in the idea of many lifetimes, and assume this destruction is simply of human genetics, and the soul essence continues on the learning path.

So, this vision isn’t so bad after all.  We’re just about to lose our physical bodies.  And that might be the best thing for our souls right now.  A lot of us are hurting in this terrible place.  Greed, in the form of capitalism, has twisted our minds, and it’s time for us to retreat from this dimension and think about the nature of money and keeping track of each other like that rather than just taking care of each other.

We’ve wasted far more of our life energy competing with others and keeping track of it all (banking, accounting, investing, bookkeeping, printing money and checks and ledgers, insurance, cash registers, grant writing, advertising, etc.) than we feared we might lose if we simply gave to others.

Money competition might have been an interesting test, but I think we’ve all seen that it has been disastrous, and I trust we’ll devise a whole new approach to “economy” in our next lives.  I look forward to that.

My pathway through this human period of history has been especially turbulent, and I’ve seen the darkest underbelly of capitalism – in which children are sold for perverse entertainment.

Money-ism is weird when you think about it:  money (easily manipulable) acts as the “blind” guideline for all our social interactions.  Which is horrifying when pedophiles steal children, abuse them, put them on show, and often murder them, because there is someone willing and able to pay a network of police, judges, and other criminals a great deal of money.

Someone should have foreseen that coming.

But no one did, and now we have the world we’re living in, and it’s not something the head gardener wants to keep dealing with.  Season’s over.  And very little seed, so the prophesies say, will be saved.

If that’s true, perhaps it’s good.  Because we don’t want this sort of life spreading through the universe.


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    1. Jean Eisenhower

      Thanks, Jagatkaur! I had just finished re-reading this, wondering if I’d made a mistake in being so bold as to post this rant from June, and wondering if I should, quick, take it down. So your words are much appreciated. Maybe I shouldn’t second-guess myself so much.


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