Wow! Video of Monica Lewinski…

I was ready to hate this video, but I like what she says.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 8.23.07 PMIf you don’t have 22 minutes, check out:

15:30  incredible social media observation (though maybe I’m naive)

* 21:07  “…it’s time to stop…living the life of a program….”


I rolled it back a couple more times and watched her say that again and again:  “the life of a program.”  I think I know how she meant that.

Thanks, Monica.

5 thoughts on “Wow! Video of Monica Lewinski…

  1. Zarah

    I just listened to the bit you’re quoting … she doesn’t say “program”. She says, “Time to stop living the life of opprobrium.” I looked up the word because I didn’t know it. It means something like shame, disgrace, ignominy, humiliation.

    Cool video nevertheless – Im going to watch the whole thing later. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Jean Eisenhower

      Ah…. Well, I’m disappointed, as I had welcomed someone close to government bringing programming into the discussion. But opprobrium makes more sense. Thanks, Zarah.

  2. jagatkaur

    I saw this a while ago and liked her too, but the program part didn’t hit me until you alerted me to it. Thanks >


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