Quick Note

Sent to a friend…and now to everyone:

I pray you are staying strong, flowing with the energies, trusting in your inner wisdom.  It seems that many of us are struggling mightily.

I thought I was dying many times between – well, I don’t know when it began, but it felt like forever and just ended 2 1/2 weeks ago.

Since then, I’ve been feeling very strong, grateful, and steady.  Perhaps it is like a virus, needing to run its course.

I believe it is teaching us something important.  

cropped-ps-banner-42I’d love your opinion on the poem-poem blog I wrote and decided to use on my front page:  http://paradigmsalon.net/.

(I’m realizing how presumptuous it was for me to name this thing “salon” – as so few people participate!  Oh well. I trust people participate in their own minds.  And I do have a few followers (151 today, with 30,000 views approaching).  And people around the world.  Sometimes I think the thought police have messed with the Internet search system to repress this site.  Then I think people are afraid to identify themselves, or maybe they’re very appropriately cautious.  But now and then people do.  [And then I think a few, and sometimes many, are provocateurs, and I might put them off, correctly or not.]  Maybe the salon will have its time.  Anyway….)

IMG_2965All’s good.  Spring is here.  I was out in the garden for 6 hours yesterday!  Fell into bed exhausted.  And grateful.

Praying all is well with you.  Trust your deepest wisdom.

~ Jean