Why I’m Not on Facebook

facebook-cover1A few years ago, I tried out Facebook, but quit it after a few months, feeling that something was fishy.  And now i find an article that supports my suspicions:  http://landdestroyer.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/facebook-colonialism-20.html

“Facebook has turned its features against users, insidiously manipulating their timelines to show selected posts and updates while “soft censoring” others to manage public perception.”

And that’s only what’s been discovered so far.  (And, yes, I know that links were made between Facebook and the CIA years ago, but how Facebook actually distorts information on behalf of the controllers has not, to my knowledge, been studied, tested, or described before now.)

While I was on Facebook, I repressed my desire to post too much “radical” stuff, and just use it to present myself as I am:  someone with a wide variety of interests besides mind control – for instance, gardening, home design, art, spirituality, social transformation, etc.

I figured eventually I’d also promote occasional blogs from this site, but I’d emphasize my other aspects of self first.

Immediately, though it seemed that someone behind the scenes was sabotaging me.

120714 Guthriecr  030Before I go further, let me say that I have excellent face-to-face relationships throughout my community.  I perform.  I was hired as Executive Director of our local Habitat for Humanity, and I’ve been invited to apply for many other worthy positions in this community.  When I walk down the street of this small town, I have numerous happy conversations with folks, sometimes a dozen or more within a few blocks.  And I once filled the house with 60 people at a wonderful party.  (Yes!  …despite having dissociative tendencies – in the process of healing, I like to remind.)

But on Facebook, I had an experience opposite of my face-to-face relationships.

Since things were feeling fishy, I experimented.  I posted something and saw it post on my “Wall” and on my “Home” (community) page.  Then I logged out and logged back in as my partner, and could not find my post anywhereuntil it suddenly showed up 20 minutes later!

When my partner is logged in, we always witness his posts appearing immediately in both places, and they remain there even when we log in as me.  We tested this repeatedly and found that his posts always appear immediately, regardless of who is logged in, while my posts showed up immediately only on my page – and took anywhere from 20-60 minutes to show up on his page.  What was going on?

FBI-Secrets-Swearingen-M-9780896085015I theorized that, as a “targeted individual” (a harassed mind-control subject and activist whistleblower), the controllers have created a special route for my posts, so that they can perform the Brave New World version of COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) disinformation on them before releasing them into the cybersphere.

What used to take hours or days and multiple agents in the paper-and-typewriters days (explained in humorous detail in this book at right) – but nevertheless was done regularly, even for little-old-lady peace activists – can now be done in a matter of minutes by a single agent with a computer program and individualized instructions for each activist they want to mess with.

car bomb(My information comes not only from books like this one, but also by having had undercover agents in my home, as I learned later when those agents testified against a friend at trial; and I also did media work for the “Judi Bari versus FBI” federal trial and was witness to the death threats she received, and we also received during the trial, as well as the discrediting, violence-inciting posters probably created by agents but attributed to this non-violent peace-activist mother of two, who then became the subject of an assassination attempt on her life – probably incited by things like those fake posters.  The assassination attempt was covered up for twelve years by the FBI, as all the jurors agreed; the FBI paid a historic $4.4 million to Judi’s estate and her friend who was in the bombed car with her.  So, if some judge me “negative,” I believe I have very sound reasons for my opinions of our disinformed world today.)

Some poor federal agent, I assume, sits at a computer all day, doing the newest version of COINTELPRO; s/he receives my posts and other targeted activists’ posts all day long, and as quickly as s/he can, uses individualized guidelines which tell him/her what to do with my communications.  Some of my posts may only show up for a small circle of my closest friends, including my partner), so it’s not too obvious, and I do continue to get some response, but only a fraction.

Other posts, I suspect, may be rewritten in any number of ways (as described in the book above) to discredit me or cause rifts in my community, maybe making my posts sound hysterical, stupid, or ultra-angry, when in actuality I’d carefully crafted them to be calm and well-documented; and those hysterical, stupid, or angry rewrites, which someone wrote and credited to me, but which I’ll never see, are sent to everyone outside my closest circles, to people who are highly unlikely to ask me about them, but even if they do, the rewritten posts are on the same topic, so we’re likely never discover the discrepancy.  Neat trick in a world where people are isolated by so many constructs of culture, and friendships are often virtual.

I theorized this rewriting because it seemed that, after I got on Facebook, there were changes in my face-to-face meetings with my more-distant acquaintances; it seemed they were turning away from me for no reason.  Of course, since they were more distant acquaintances, they weren’t the type I could ask why they seemed to suddenly avoid me.  When I got off of Facebook, things went mostly back to normal (until I found some illegal doings in a non-profit I worked for, called them on it, and made some of those people unhappy – oh well).

Now, there is still plenty of radical stuff posted by others on Facebook, but it may all be tainted with disinformation for all we know, and that’s why it’s allowed to go far and wide.  Only guessing, but it would fit the pattern and the definition of COINTELPRO.

facebook-cover1I miss the idea of Facebook, but I’m convinced it never was what we were promised – unless one is non-political and in no way a threat to the status quo, and then it’s still only half-honest, perhaps delivering that person’s posts as written, but delivering to that person only the posts Facebook and the government wants them to see.  Since I challenge the status quo all the time, I believe I was subject to disinformation tactics all my time on Facebook.

And now this study seems to prove my suspicions are right on.  Check it out:  http://landdestroyer.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/facebook-colonialism-20.html

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